Wiring Adaptation (3/3)

STEP 2.3: Installing the GPS/GSM Wires

The first GPS/GSM wiring loom (46760222) goes from the back of the CN+ unit to the junction behind the “My Car” panel. In the previous step (2.2), you would have already had to remove the Body Computer & Fusebox cover trim, as well as the My Car switch control. The instrument cluster should also still be removed.

Now, the best way to do it is to clip the connectors in on the junction mounting (you’ll see the thick black antenna cable already there, and the connectors on the loom are shaped to fit the mount). Feed the cables at the back of the dashboard, and they’ll come out parallel with the dashboard loom. Continue to take it to the radio loom.

The two cables need to be longer than the standard loom, by about 5 inches or so. Once these are in position, start taping all of the loom modifications (power, microphone, GPS/GSM) together, for both security and an original look.

N.B.: The wires at the CN+ are prone to chaffing against the side of the cage, and you’ll notice that the existing loom has a cloth protector around them all. It is strongly advised to break open the cloth “tube”, enclose all of the new wiring, then retape it up.

Continue taping, moving the wires back as if the CN+ was in to ensure they can move sufficiently and will not be damaged. Tape up all the way back to the right-hand side of the dashboard, using cable ties for added security if necessary.

Now, all wiring is done. Refit the instrument cluster. The My Car switch panel and side trim have to be left off for the second GPS/GSM wiring loom installation.

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