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The only Fiat dealer left in NI
  • Sales Team decent
  • Sales, Service & Used Fiat
  • Shared with Alfa Romeo and Abarth
  • Warranty Claims easy
  • Courtesy cars
  • Happy to diagnose issues via email to save long drives
  • Only option for NI Fiat owners
  • Lack of used Pandas as of 2023
  • Rigid on finance rate
  • Lie about repairs needed
I’ve used this dealership for warranty claims on my 2017 Panda. They diagnosed it via email to save me a drive. They fixed issues no problem and even replaced parts under warranty that were clearly just damaged from use. Fiat new courtesy cars are supplied. Work done was fine, professional standard - no issues with it, no damage and no mess. They did unfortunately lie about me needing new brakes all around - checked them and they weren’t even half way worn. Warranty guy in late 2019 was a bit dull and dry.

Had some test drives 2023. Sales team helpful, have initiative and enthusiastic about the brands. Very real in terms of what they can do for you and cannot. Rigid on the same fairly high APR on used cars, would not negotiate to the point of losing the sale. Friendly enough and probably mostly if anything, just suffering from Fiat’s lack of new steel for the fourcourt and lack of new EVe etc.

I’d say could definitely be worse. Not much to complain about. Only choice in NI sadly as they closed the Dungannon, Enniskillen and Londonderry dealership sites.
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For Automoda in Garages
Auto Moda - Sydney
  • Know fiats like the back of their hand
  • Quick turn around
  • Have spare parts from a number of other fiats that can eliminate need to replace parts and can repair
  • Conscious of customers money, will repair where possible
  • Communication on when additional issues are found
Good mechanic, very knowledgeable on fiats. Recommend to others in Sydney area if you are having significant issues your regular mechanic is unable to diagnose/fix.
Can be expensive but will strip down and clean/repair where possible over replacing.
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Need a fair MOT in the Southampton area - look no further
  • They don't do repairs, so they have no incentive to fail your car
  • Free retest if it fails, providing you take it back within 10 days
  • Clean, comfortable waiting area with lounge seating, TV, free wifi, free coffee & clean restrooms
  • Easy to use online booking system
  • Friendly, customer focused staff
  • They keep to your prebooked timeslot, so you're not hanging around unneccessarily
  • Not a con really; but if it fails and you can't fix it yourself, you'll need to go elsewhere for the repair.
I've always advised folks needing an MOT to seek out those testing stations which don't do repairs. The reputation of such places is built on not failing vehicles without good reason; if they did, they'd soon be out of business.

This is one of the best. Busy enough to know it's a successful business; not so busy that you can't get a slot within a reasonable timeframe. The reception/waiting area is clean, with free wifi and a free self-service machine which makes excellent coffee. Separate toilets for gents and ladies are the cleanest I've seen in any garage. And if you don't want to wait, then you can walk to a retail park just a few minutes away for a spot of shopping.

If it fails, you'll be offered a free retest if you bring it back within 10 days. If you need parts, there's a GSF branch just up the road. You can sit in the lounge and use their free wifi to order them online and get the best price.

They've also got another branch near Southampton Airport.

I used them myself in 2023 and have no hesitation in recommending them.
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I went to my local Fiat independent garage because particularly in slow start/stop traffic my car wouldn’t go in gear at times. But if I pumped the clutch it would and top of this the clutch is squeaky.

So the garage fitted a new clutch as they said that was the issue. They Charged me £680.
Drove for a week and noticed the issue came back with the car regarding getting it in gear.

The garage checked my car again and said the slave and master cylinder would be the issue and the connector/piping between them has rusted. They want £529 to change both if I decide to change it.
In meantime, they refilled the oil in the cylinders and bled the clutch and said ‘see is this helps with the gear change’ otherwise the slave/master needs changing.

I tried to negotiate a discount on the £529 for the master/slave - but the owner wouldn’t budge
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Firela review
  • Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, good transport
  • no courtesy car
I have previously taken my Alfa's and Fiats to a person I have known for years, who was loathe to do anything that wasn't necessary and was as cheap as chips; a hard act to follow. Firela's had the 500 in for service and all went well so they got the quite rare Alfa. They were professional and knowledgeable. Transport could not have been easier. Both cars were booked in in advance. I was warned they might keep my Alfa for a day or two and they did, they kept her for two days. I am pleased they did not rush her. They had to do a work around for the mot which I was pleased with. They kept me informed once or twice by phone as to progress. Since getting the Alfa back I have only had the opportunity to drive her twice, but she seems fine. Unless someone says something really bad, I can see myself taking all 3 cars back for servicing and MOT's.
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Hi Guys I have a good friend who is a master at anything Fiat Ducato from a bulb to an Engine rebuild
he is based in Warrington Cheshire the Garage is called Jonnys garage and his contact details are 07398 193949 and if you say you are here on recommendation from Steve he will sort you out a discount

he also does remapping, EGR and DPF stuff and his maps are from the best in the business, with access to a 4wd rolling road if required. mapping starts at £199

so keep this info in your back pocket just in case
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Just out for what they can get out of you!
My Air conditioning is now blowing cold, I took the car into Glyn Hopkins Fiat Milton Keynes hoping they would correct the air con under my extended warranty NO! I left the car with them for the morning & when I collected it they presented me with a bill for £168 for doing a health check on the car. Did they do the job I asked ? NO ! “Sorry your AIR CON is not under our warranty”. 40 miles & 3 weeks prior to letting them have my car I took it to my non Fiat garage for an M.O.T it passed with no problems also a report on brakes & pads which were fine, however Glyn Hopkins in Milton Keynes said I need new disks, new pads, a new air con condenser, new timing tensioners all this they wanted £3000 The brakes they said needed immediate attention, they had the service history with the car that clearly shows everything is up to date & in good order. Not surprising I told them to get lost. I then took the car to G.P Auto’s in Milton Keynes they re-gassed the air con & also added a leak stop fluid as they said the gas leak was just a tiny pin prick of a hole it should do the job with no problem. Yes it has, so the moral is BE VERY CAREFUL what MAIN DEALERS TELL YOU! 2 weeks later & still blowing nice cold air.
The total bill from a NON DEALER £128!

Slight but important info- According to Fiat Dealer List Glyn Hopkins are not on their list of dealers, they are only listed as Assistance not retailers in Milton Keynes, the nearest Dealer is Motor-Vogue in Bedford
ClassicFiat500 does not recommend this dealership!
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