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Top class service
Although not a Fiat dealer, they serviced 3 of mine since new, over the last 20 years or so.
Always good service, clear results and a top class valet clean as well.
If you live in Jersey, I highly recommend them
Jerseywurzel recommends this garage
A really helpful family business.
  • Technically very competent.
  • More interested in keeping vehicles on the road than in selling something new.
  • Can speak to Fiat and Alfa in Italian, which seems to elicit a different level of service and cooperation.
  • Don't speak a word of English.
  • Are not exactly in a low-cost location.
Have serviced 3 Fiats, an Alpha, a Land Rover and a Jeep for me for last 25 years.
shawkes recommends this dealership
Standard dealership experience
  • No nonsense, got the job done
  • A little pricey but not bad
Has a parts department for pickup from Mopar
trekker500 recommends this dealership
Nice try but not completely impressed
  • Professional
  • Thorough
  • Reasonable value, if no problems
  • Not really "can do"
  • Some "failure" items mis-diagnosed
  • Uses cheap price to up-sell repairs
MOT'd my 209,000 mile Stilo JTD.

They always give me a hard time ever since the beast smoked out their garage/clogged the emissions tester a couple of years ago.. :D and the tailgate dropped onto the tester's head due to weak struts.... so this time the car was really, really immaculate.

I fitted a new turbo actuator boost valve, replaced the boot struts.. and fitted new wishbone arms since one was a bit moody... and removed the child seat so it wasn't in the way.

  • The car "failed" on a lazy seat belt retractor (the one where the child seat had been fitted for two years.. annoying but maybe "fair enough")
  • They failed the wishbone ("pin is worn"... despite it being just 2 weeks old)..
  • They didn't test the emissions because of excess smoke, even though that was residual from the old/lazy boost valve)... and;
  • They failed the track rod end... which was "fine" when they had adjusted the tracking just a fortnight earlier. When I replaced the track rod, I found it was damaged but the effort required to unbolt the lock nut makes me think their "adjustment" of the tracking must have consisted of belting the track rods with a hammer.. no way they had been loosened and re-tightened just two weeks earlier.
Overall, not impressed... and won't be inconveniencing them again with my business..
Ralf S. does not recommend this garage!
MOT and ABS Problem
  • Brilliant service and problem solving
  • Friendly
  • Good service is not cheap!
I had a difficult-to-diagnose ABS problem which had seen five so-called 'specialist' Fiat garages try to correct. I found these guys and delivered the car asking for the ABS warning light to be corrected and an MOT done. They did that and corrected a headlight problem as well. It means the car can now be imported and driven here. They are not cheap but they are a specialist for all Fiats and could do anything! I could not recommend them highly enough!
Hezza recommends this garage


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Brilliant service & great value
  • all prices are quoted up front and inclusive of VAT & parts.
  • Really know their Fiats.
  • Bit of a travel but worth it
I've used these guys ever since getting my Panda.
It generally works out cheaper for me to drive half way across the county to them than to use a local garage!!
They also know their way around my little panda and generally know what's up from the an emailed description.
The work I've had done has never been more than I was quoted.
They are efficient and have a very good idea of how long the job will take.
They also have courtesy cars available if needed, which considering they are out the way a bit is very useful.
I usually head into Winchester for a nice day out whilst they do their magic.
I can't recommend these guys enough.
If you're anywhere near the south of England I would look these guys up.

Mrg81 recommends this garage
Perfect for cheap and durable repairs!
  • Same day repair
  • Low labour costs
  • Provides parts themselves
Had the lower dog bone mount changed at this garage. Dropped car off in the morning, picked it up in the afternoon. Part was ordered and installed by them, and cost was extremely reasonable, especially for Luxembourg!
Jan Buchik recommends this garage
Not Only Small Cars
  • Family Business, Independent, Highly Experienced, Exceptional Value, Informative and Helpful, No Job Too Small or Large
  • Very popular so bookings can be up to a couple of weeks ahead.
Dean has over 20 years experience as a Fiat head mechanic / master technician on both Fiat cars and commercial vehicles. He subscribes to the official Fiat online technical resources, diagnostics, etc. and has both Examiner and wiTECH Fiat official diagnostics tools and MultiECUScan.

The workshop is equipped with three lifts (differing capacities), Aircon equipment (both new and old gas types), welding equipment, etc. Many Fiat/Alfa tools especially for engine timing and cam belt changes.

Fully capable of gearbox repairs/rebuilds (especially for 500s), engine replacement/rebuilds, etc. Electrical systems and associated diagnostic work is also undertaken.

Will also undertake work and servicing of other makes of cars.

Service reception is done by a fully Fiat trained and experienced service advisor.

This garage has my full trust.
s130 recommends this garage
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  • Professional
  • Parts Counter
  • Clear Job Sheets
  • Fixed Price Servicing
A dealership and garage with an all round professional approach. Job sheets following servicing are very clear.
DJohnstone recommends this dealership
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Jamie Porter Ltd - same as Fiat Workshop and Alfa Workshop
  • Pleasant to deal with
  • Good value for money
  • Work appears to be done to a high standard
  • Lots of lovely Alfa 4Cs to drool over :)
  • Very busy, so you need to book well in advance
  • Satnav not so good at finding it
First time at Jamie Porter Ltd, I'd been put off Alfa specialists by some bad experiences with a certain Alfa company near Dunstable, but I'd heard good things about Jamie Porter Ltd on here (unlike on a certain Alfa-based website which did a hatchet job on them) so figured it was worth a try, esp as the main job I needed done was the cambelt on my Abarth, and that's the same engine as the turbo Mito and modern Giulietta.

Price was very good for a cambelt change (I couldn't have done it much cheaper myself, once I'd bought the locking tools) and whilst I was there I got the n/s/f wheel bearing changed, and most of a 36k service done (less the brakes / coolant, since I did those bits a few months back).

Ben was very friendly via email (unlike the owner of that other Alfa specialist, grumpy old so and so), and was happy to do a customized service, and change the wheel bearing even though it didn't appear to need doing; he phoned to say "Are you sure you want this done?" when the car was in, but I knew there was quite a bit of play in it, so got it done anyway. Nice of him to check though.
mj2k recommends this garage
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Done an MOT with the dealer which was a breeze. Had some warranty work done for the flywheel and while they had the car, they also replaced the clutch at no extra cost which was a win for me and my Tipo.
elmolfc recommends this dealership
Supplied 500 Electric & Delivered 150 Miles At No Cost
  • Knowledgable
  • Great Communication
  • Fast, Friendly Service
I was looking for an unregistered stock 500 Electric and used the "stock finder" on the FIAT website to discover that Ponthir had exactly the spec I was looking for in their showroom.
The entire process of reserving the car, arranging the teacher discount, sorting out finance, getting the car PDIed and then delivered on a low loader took around 5 days. We are in Cornwall so around 150 miles from Ponthir and delivery was cheerfully offered. Service from Tom Beale was amazing and the car was delivered spotless by a very friendly and helpful driver. Would definitely recommend this dealership.
drenk1976 recommends this dealership
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Cracking Independent
  • Greg the owner is a great guy who takes on all makes and ages of cars. A true enthusiast.
  • Has lots of experience with 500’s.
  • He’s busy. You need to book a month in advance for your service.
I always have him service the 500c. He does everything.

Troubles with 500c recommends this garage
Thoroughly recommended!!
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, VERY 'customer orientated'
  • None!! (so far!)
Dan, Josh and Dean certainly go the extra mile for customers, nothing is too difficult, and, they can usually sort out most problems quickly, and at short notice!! (Certainly done so for me a few times!!)
Family owned independent garage, originally recommended by a friend, (as I was having problems with Fiat dealer ('Westover Motors', say no more!) They are, as far as I an concerned, 'on the ball'
Priced reasonably as well, (have had a couple of quotes from other places, and Dan's are always that bit smaller) yet the work is always first class, and done when promised (usually phoned to say it's ready to collect!)
You can discuss things with them, and they listen and advise as well, (more than Westover, who talk through you!!)
As a retired engineer, am able to 'talk shop' with them, and they are always able to give a bit of advice or help.
HughJarsse recommends this garage
Fiat 500 and Panda specialist in West Kent. All Fiats catered for.
Classics specialists for servicing, repairs & welding
Highly recommended for servicing vintage & modern classics
Friendly & helpful independent garage & MoT test centre.
Have helped keep the family's ageing fleet (169 Panda, Porsche 944, Mk1 MX5, Mk1 Focus) on the road for a few years now :)
MoT tester sympathetic to old cars
Have used over many years - they're used to dealing with classics & old cars.
Took my 169 Panda for MoT after buying it with long list of advisories on previous MoT from KwikFit...
...and they all magically disappeared. Clean bill of health :)
Service and diagnostics
  • Always helpful, from the same stable as The Alfa Workshop (read, Jamie Porter). Website has well populated "how to" and buyers guides for Alfas and they are trying to populate FIAT Marque likewise.
I have used The Alfa Workshop for many years and before that had regularly visited Jamie Porter when he was "working out of a barn" (no disrespect at all!), and I have owned a string of Alfas since 1986.

More recently The Fiat Workshop has serviced and diagnosed my Panda 4x4 TA - I only have good things to say. There is no pressure to do something and they certainly don't "fire the parts cannon" at issues.

I don't give 5 stars ;) to anyone!
Friendly & Helpful Service
  • Friendly staff
  • Will listen to and acknowledge diagnostics you've done already
  • Happy to let you bring your own parts
  • Limited space, can't leave your car there for too long after they say its ready
  • Not Fiat specific or specialised
Been going to this garage for a long time, always very friendly and won't try and fob you off as many independent garages seem to. Have let me do all the diagnostics and bring my own parts before just for them to do the actual fitting. Can't recommend them enough.
Didge3 recommends this garage