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My Guilietta unfortunally only spoke Italian to me, the Dutch language pack did the trick, in just half an hour ! Thanks a lot !!
Very useful - have saved for a rainy day ... when no doubt my wipers will have stopped working!
Superb resource - Thanks!
Complet manuals. Can be hard to obtain from Fiats webpage in DK. Helping decide if I want a new panda as replacement for my totaled!
@guenter: what do you expect for a van that was commercialized 18 years ago?
It was published the same year. Could also have been updated later on, cannot say.
It includes all the necessary information, but does cover only the diesel engines.
Hard to understand on a first try, but very useful source of information.
Different language versions are included.
Requires installation on a windows computer and mounting the ISO file to a virtual drive (I'm using UltraISO for this purpose).