Blue&Me 5.6 Update Package

Blue&Me 5.6 Update Package

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By clicking on the button in this section you can download for free the SOFTWARE VERSION 5.6 generation which will allow you to update your Blue&Me. You can do it right now, in a simple and quick manner, since Blue&Me is set to be easily updated through a USB increasing its compatibility with the most recent mobile phones.

N.B. For slightly less modern vehicles it may be necessary to perform, in order, first an update to version 5.5 and then to version 5.6.

If your Blue&Me is working correctly with the phones you connected and you do not have any need to listen to music contained on your iPod or iPhone, we suggest that you do not update your software. If you own a newer generation iPod, or i Phone, remember that these devices can no longer be configured as external discs. In order to listen to music contained on these devices in your vehicle, you can purchase through your dealer's catalogue a specific adapter which, together with the 5.5 and 5.6 software version, make them fully compatible with Blue&Me.

For all the details on the installation procedure, read carefully the instructions contained in the zip file with the software update.

Disclaimer: Among the update files, available by clicking and downloading the software, you can find a guide containing the instructions for use.
The updating process is a procedure which must be performed with the utmost care and carefully following the instructions; if it is performed incorrectly the system may no longer function.
Please be aware that once the procedure has been performed it will no longer be possible to go back to the previous software version.
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