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  • Hey Ben, Im having trouble with Dashlane not logging me in. I just noticed that clicking on Ben administrator immediately gains me access. It doesnt look right, You may wish to check if somethings amiss giving access to the site. I dont need to enter either user name or password! Works for me!!

    Hello, I own a 1937 Fiat Topolino and would like to join the group but not sure how to do so. Could you please advise Ben.
    Many thanks
    Hi! I'm new to this forum (Hurray), and have just aquired a new Fiat 500 (Electric), and I have a rather silly question: The car suddenly started beeping the horn (just a short beep), when I turn the ignition off. The days before, there was no beep! Is there a button, or setting to turn it off? (it scares off the cat and squirrels).
    Hi Ben,
    Im having issues posting my first thread getting the response 'You are only allowed to post URLs once you have at least 5 posts. If you have a legitimate reason for posting before this limit, please contact a moderator who will assist you.'

    I dont have any URL's in the title or main thread body nor any links to images. Any ideas?

    Many Thanks for your help
    Hi Ben. My iPad is saying that the app can’t open due to the latest iOS update. Is this news to you?
    Hi, We have a 1999 Barchetta and have had some problems with the instruments, including non-working rev counter and fuel gauge. To cut a long story short, the control boards were faulty and after a year of trying to get them repaired I ended up building new ones. I was thinking of writing guides with PCB layouts etc to help anyone else in the same situation but in the guides section it says that I cannot upload a guide. Is this a restriction that can be removed and if so how?
    Hi Ben,

    I'm having some probs logging into the ePER system which I can see is a common issue from previous threads. The main error message is 666 (also occasionally 500 internal server error), have tried at different times of day (and night!) to allow for multiple users of this service but no luck. Also used vehicle VIN, same result.

    Again, from previous threads it looks like you might be able to do some sort of reset?

    Andy (capers626)
    Hi Ben,lived,worked Taipei for a year in the 90s,in ching Mei,still miss the food,especially street food.dumplings in soy w/plenty chilli oil on a cold winter morning..had a few quakes,interesting..
    Hi Ben. I finally did the how to guide for the clutch change but still had trouble when the photos were uploaded.As I was checking the post from time to time the photos were vanishing and just leaving a number in blue. When the number was clicked on it said it was invalid. Also some uploaded thumbnails went missing completely so
    I had to download them again. I eventually posted the article and edited it by deleting the numbers and uploading photos in their place.
    Could you possibly delete the first how to guide on the clutch as there is nothing in it. Thanks Dave.
    Hi, Ben.
    I just joined the Forum yesterday, and today uploaded some photos of my Fiat 128.
    For me it's enough to leave them on general gallery, unless you think it's best to put them in another gallery.
    Nice to know about this forum and when necessary, I will be on hand to help with any information of interest about this model. This car has been in the family since new. It belonged initially to my father, passing later by my sister, coming to my hands at last, when I fully restored it (1994). See you!
    I can only presume it has. Is there anyway you can double check? Just concerned I haven't received a pass and today is the deadline.
    Hi, I'm no longer a car user so please remove me from your system and thanks for today's birthday greeting. Sorry to come this way but can't find an easy "Unsubscribe" link.
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