Installing New Antenna

Once the roof lining is down, you'll see the antenna. Simply unclip the aerial connector, unscrew the nut, then gently pull the old antenna away from the car from the outside. Once it's off, clean the area of the roof where the antenna used to be using a mild polish (e.g. glass polish) to remove all debris and dirt, so that the new antenna has a better seat.

Feed the cables through the hole in the roof (to spell it out, the hole is only big enough to fit one connector at a time, so don't try and force all 3 in!!), and seat the antenna base on the roof. Inside the car, bend the cables at a 90-degree angle (as per the old one), and put the locking nut on the thread. Have an assistant ensure the alignment to the roof is ok (i.e. it is running straight in-line with the trajectory-axis of the car), and get them to firmly hold it in place as you tighten the nut to secure the antenna down.

Now, grab the cables we left in the drivers side rear wheelwell, and bring them up the now removed C-pillar. Clip into the existing wiring clips (you'll notice that the radio antenna wire is already there) and follow the wiring exactly, taping it down to the existing for a perfect job. Secure the clips in the holder tray (where the radio antenna join connector is, just like at the "My Car" panel), and clip in the GPS/GSM connectors.

That's it, it's in :D!!!