Testing the Unit

Testing the Connect Nav+ Unit

There are two things to test on the unit to ensure it is working correctly:
  1. Wiring Functionality: With the unit and ignition on, press the “Setup” button, followed by pressing one of the “Connect” option buttons four times, then the “Enter” button. An option named “Service” will appear; use the right scroll wheel to select that menu, then press “Enter”. You should have green “OK” / “Present” boxes on all options; the only two that might be red are “CDC (CD Changer) Connected” and “Amplifier Connected” if these two optional equipment units are not fitted.
  2. Microphone: Press the “Tel” button on the unit, then use the right scroll wheel to select “Voice Memo”. Record yourself talking and make sure it is audible by playing it back. If it is, then all is ok 

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