Installing the Unit

Fitting the Unit to the Car

Now that all of the wiring and the cage are installed, the unit can be installed itself. Plug the power and speaker ISO looms in first, followed by the microphone feed connector, then the aerial, and lastly the GPS/GSM wires. Tie down the cables on the unit’s wire traps (these are for the aerial, GPS & GSM cables).

Perform the following test to ensure the time delay circuit is working ok:

With the unit off, turn the ignition on. Make sure the CN+ unit boots up automatically after 4 seconds, and that the mileage on the instrument cluster is not flashing.
  • If the mileage doesn’t flash, carefully push the unit in (do it slowly as the space behind the unit is tight and there are a lot of cables to go in!).
  • If the mileage is flashing, there is a fault with your time delay circuit, or it might need adjusting to increase the time delay.