Second GPS/GSM Loom Installation

Installing the Second Part of the GPS/GSM Loom

The second part of the GPS/GSM loom follows a different routing than the main antenna cable.
N.B. These instructions are the same as if you've purchased the Alfa GPS/GSM antenna. However, it is recommended that you work in reverse (i.e. take the roof lining down then do the wiring to the "My Car" panel) to ensure cable lengths are ok.

To fit this, you need to remove the side sill trim (kickplate) from the drivers side; this is done by removing the bonnet release mechanism (simply pull it off towards the passenger side, i.e. on the same horizontal plane), undoing the screw by the bonnet release lever, then simply pulling the trim off (best to start from the side at the middle of the car (B-pillar)).

Connect the cables to the dashboard loom connectors you locked down behind the “My Car” panel, then feed them down behind the black carpet and into the grey cable holders along the sill. You’ll notice that a loom is already there; use black insulating tape to tie the GPS/GSM cables down to secure them and make it look original. Now, the “My-Car” switch panel and fusebox cover trim can be refitted.

Now, the next stage is dependent on whether your Stilo is a 3dr or a 5dr:
  • For 3door vehicles, you need to either loosen or remove the rear panel. To do this, the bottom squab of the seat needs to be removed (remove the bolt and nut), then the pozidrive screws at the bottom of the panel need to come out also. Unpeel the outer door rubber (peel it from the felt side not the rubber side) to get a gap between the car and the trim panel. Gently pull the trim away (it’ll come quite far so there is no need to give it force) and feed the cable through to the boot compartment (go into the boot, undo the side flap and remove the cubby hole as if you were going to change a lightbulb, and the cable needs to come into this area). Leave the panel away from the car as it is required to do so to drop the roof lining.
  • For 5door vehicles, remove the rear side sill trim (kickplate) by simply pulling it. Now, remove the lower B-pillar trim by unpeeling both door rubbers as with the 3door, then gently pulling the trim off. Continue to route the cable into the boot compartment (again as with the 3door); leave the lower B-pillar trim off, as it is required to do so to drop the roof lining.
So now, the cable should be behind the drivers’ side boot carpet ready for the next stage. Contine to tape up the GPS/GSM loom to the loom already being routed this way, and leave all trim you've removed / loosened as it is.

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