Wiring Options

Two Installations, two different methods used

My brother and I have now installed the Connect Nav+ unit to two Stilos; his 55 plate Schumacher, and my 03 plate Dynamic. Since his Stilo was still under full manufacturer’s warranty, he decided to install a whole new dash wiring loom; this required most of the dashboard to be removed, all electrical connectors at the front (e.g. Air Con, Body Computer) to be reconnected onto the new loom, and cost £220! However, the three wiring adaptations listed in this guide were already in.
Since mine is practically out of warranty, I personally considered this irrelevant, and made the wiring alterations manually. It was all quite simple and cost me nothing (I used wires off the old loom, so it might cost you something; however nothing as much as £220, I reckon £15 at most!).

The choice is yours.

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