Required Equipment

What You Will Need

A Connect Nav+ unit! Checking ebay (select European search too) may yield results, if not try breakers yards; the CN+ from FIAT is at least £1500 for a reconditioned unit, and in excess of £2200 for a new one! Remember it is available in three colours; standard black, Abarth grey and the new X-Box/Schumacher silver.

Apart from the unit, you will need the following. Further details of each part will be given in the fitment stages. The parts given below are all original Stilo parts for a factory fit, but some clever options are listed too.
  • A new dashboard cage for the CN+ unit; FIAT part number 46790149; approximate price £8.
  • The dashboard GPS/GSM wiring loom; FIAT part number 46760222; approximate price £44.
  • The second GPS/GSM wiring loom; FIAT part number 51730980 (3dr), 51730981 (5dr), 51730982 (Multiwagon); approximate price £50.
  • GPS/GSM aerial base; FIAT part number 51732347; approximate price £130 (N.B. If you are fitting it to a Stilo 3dr with tailgate spoiler, you require a differently angled base; FIAT part number 51732349; approximate price £153).
    N.B. If you order a GPS/GSM Antenna from an Alfa 159, it looks exactly the same, but comes with the second GPS/GSM loom already fitted, and is itself cheaper. Doing this will save you £140 for exactly the same look and functionality. Part number for this is 50503289, price £65, but you will have to go to an Alfa Romeo dealer to purchase one.
  • Antenna; FIAT part number 46772567; approximate price £7.50. If you've gone for the more logical route of the Alfa 159 GPS/GSM base, then you'll need the Alfa antenna - part number 50505287, price £8.50, again only available from Alfa Romeo.
  • Microphone; FIAT part number 735303207, approximate price £45.
    N.B. I found that the microphone from the Lancia Ypsilon, FIAT part number 735346218, has the exact same microphone as the Stilo but is less than £4 (price error my dealer thinks)! If you just need the microphone and not the plastic, which is a different colour on the Ypsilon (i.e. your Stilo has an alarm or Sky Roof) then this will save you £40!!

Tools wise, some Torx screwdrivers, allen keys, pozidrive screwdrivers . . . nothing out of the ordinary.

Radio removal keys will also be required.

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