Dropping Roof Lining

Now comes the fun part! I will try and list the 5dr and 3dr methods, although I personally have only done this on a 3dr. Most bolts for this are Torx T30.

First, remove the front sunvisors (2 bolts, and undo wiring if yours have the lights fitted by the mirrors), the header console (either by pulling it down if you have an alarm or Sky Roof or by pushing in the two tabs and pulling across if you have the sunglasses holder), the front ceiling light, all 4 (3 on later models) grab handles (open handle, use a small flatblade screwdriver to open the cover then remove the bolt underneath), the rear ceiling lamp and support frame (if fitted, the lamp just pulls down, the support frame unscrews and unclips!).

Unclip all door and tailgate rubbers at the top and sides (you can remove the whole rubber as we did, just remember which one is which and where the bends are. Usually there is a painted mark on them as a locator point).

Unclip the top half of each A-pillar trim by pulling it towards the centre of the car; there is no need to remove it.
Unclip the top and middle of the C-pillar trims by pulling them towards the centre of the car, then lift them up to unclip them from the black lower C-pillar trim. Feed them away from the seatbelt. Pull the backseat backrests forwards, remove the cap protecting the seat striker plate, and unscrew the screw behind (if present, it is on the 3dr, but I do not think it is on the 5dr). Unscrew the drivers side lower C-pillar trim, then pull it away and remove the clip. It is best to replace it with a new one (14591887); this can be done at a later date.

Since the rear card is either loose or removed on the 3dr, or the lower B-pillar trim has been removed on the 5dr, you need to simply undo the two screws, at the bottom, then evenly pull the drivers side upper B-pillar trim away from the car. Using long-nose pliers to get at the clips might help. Simply pull the top of the passenger one away gently to loosen the hold on the roof lining; there is no need to remove it as per the drivers side.

Now, go around the roof lining to ensure it is all free and nothing is catching it. At this point it may be starting to drop, so get an assistant to hold the front of it (ensure their hands are clean as the headlining marks quite easily). Now, lower the front seat backrests down as far as they will go (i.e. if you were going to sleep on them).

Gently pull the roof lining away from the back of the car, as it is attached by velcro pads here. With assistance, position it on the dashboard and back seats (with headrests down) as this provides ideal support. Ensure it is not moved unnecessarily.

Now that the roof lining is down, go into the boot compartment and move to the next step.