Wiring Adaptation (2/3)

STEP 2.2: Installing the Microphone Feed Wires

The microphone feed is taken from the header console to connector D20, which lies on the righthand side of the car near to the Body Computer (RHD). A picture of it is shown below. You can see the microphone feed as they will go into one part of the connector and terminate (i.e. have no feed coming out of the other connector).

D20.JPG (D20 is the all white connector block)

Now, ideally what you need is 2 pins to put in the white connector to take the feed. I was fortunate in that I had a wiring loom to extract wires from. If you haven't got this, you'll need to either splice or chop the wires going into the connector and use these. Once you have, feed it behind the dashboard, behind the instrument cluster, and round to the back of the CN+ unit. Use an appropriate connector to feed it into Pins 9 & 18 of the white connector on the CN+ (a 2-pin digital audio computer connector, such as the one below, is ideal).


The wiring sequence for the microphone is as follows (the pins are actually numbered on the white connector (P20F) of the Connect Nav+ unit):

Microphone - existine.JPG