removing tank - awkward

Removing fluid from tank,
then lift tank from car.

NOT technical.. just time consuming:eek:

FF 15 001-2.jpg

reservoir/tank + pump are generally located in the inner wing area.

before removing tank check pump doesn't make ANY sound..,
check fuses..!!;)

I removed the under bonnet liner, and unplugged the rubber supply hose, and tried BLOWING down the hose ( there MAY be a non-return valve stopping this)

I DO NOT recommend sucking.. as it can be pretty foul stuff :yuck:
FF 15 006-2.jpg

safely jack-up car, remove road wheel for better access.

on the focus , I used a T30 Torx key to remove inner wing plastic retaining clips, then wriggled plastic liner free.

FF 15 007-2.jpg

once liner is off you SHOULD be able to see SOME of the rubber supply hose(es) - front and REAR screen often share the 1 pump.

I pulled apart one of the hose couplers, and let the system drain into a filtered container ( a bowl is fine.. as you can filter the fluid on re-installing)

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