Twinair OilChange

The basics of a 875cc Twinair oil change
I have performed both a Punto and Panda 875 Twinair turbo oil changes

There Is a good 500 GUIDE around too🙂

Undertray is a pain to remove (the screws corrode when exposed to road dirt.. Take your time.. Clean them up before reuse)

I found the Panda undertray has a notch at the rear.. So sump could be drained with undertray in place.
But access when 30 cm from the ground isn't great😕

Once undertray is removed the bottom half of motor is clearly visible

Worthwhile.. As there is evidence of a dribble of oil from 'up top' on this car
(been garage serviced until now)

Sump : Alloy
Plug : a Steel bolt with a 17mm Hex head.. And employing a 'crush washer', To seal

Bolt was Tight.. It only needs to flatten the washer..

Oil was pretty dark.. But not awful
(vehicle had flagged "ServiceCouponExpired")

I found this crush washer was Aluminium... (The punto was copper.. As was the service kit pictured!) 🤔

Limitations on the day meant the Oil Filter remained in place (access is poor.. And I didn't have great faith in my 24mm socket and extensions)

Oil will be in for 6,000 then time put aside for an Oil And Filter change

The contentious part!! 😏

Petronas Selenia is THE recommended oil for Twinair (and multi air) uses

When my Punto was due there was NO UK Stock and European sources were over £60 and a lead time

So.. I bought the correct Grade Castrol
motor was louder (solenoids..?). But has behaved ok for 6,000 miles

This panda has an unknown service history... Low miles from a specialist... But only documented service was a village garage using Total 'french' oil

This panda is Euro6 so the later thinner oil was purchased

On this Occasion I used Millers as that was one of the few oils that Opie had suggested as meeting the correct spec

Point of note.
Euro 5 punto. 5W40 c3
Euro 6 Panda. 0W30 c3

Selenia seems tricky for euro5..
Only euro6 spec oil is stocked

So.. I've gone for a different Brand.. Correct grade

The Euro6 seems to run ok on the Millers..
Only covered @1,000 miles
And Not changed.. Or Reset.. Any ECU parameters as I am comparing different oils

"by the book" you should let the ECU know you have changed the oil..
Enter the oil temperature IIRC (For the benefit of the Uniair Unit.. Setting parameters for oil consistency)

Oil volume : Drain Oil Only = 2.5 litres

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