500 OBD2 Diagnostic port- location

A simple GUIDE to accessing your 500's OBD Port

This is a 2 minute job.. Requiring no tools

Pictures are of a UK Right Hand Drive 500

This is the same 312 FIAT platform as the 2013 panda.. port is in the same location


Slide back drivers seat

Hold the bottom edge of the panel
(Panel with the small tray located between steering wheel and door)
Apply a firm Pulling pressure to the lower edge of the panel

It should unclip easily ( 2 small clips at bottom and 2x tabs at the top)

The Yellow block is the OBD Port :)

It has tapered edges ( base of a pyramid..)

So the cable's plug has to be the correct way around to fit

Once you are finished with the port

(Disconnect any cables)

Offer the panel back to the Dashboard

The 2 x tabs slide under the dashboard

Then the 2x clips will latch into the 2x slots


Any tips, or observations

LHD changes..etc

Please post as replies below :)
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