Detail for the cars with later on.board electrical kit.

This is the factory battery set.up on a 2012 build Stop.Start equipped twinair (panda layout .. same battery arrangement in punto)

This battery is still starting the car in Feb 2021.. S:S function isnt required by me


This odd looking feature is the additional LARGE fuses mounted on the battery terminals
( the one replaced with household fusewire is 50A and supplies the GlowPlug circuit)


High spec cars have an additional 3rd fuseboard in the Boot area

Mounted below the Left Rear Lamp unit ;)

It carries power for 'options'

Like Heated seats.. SubWoofer..power roof

Look for the notch in the carpet

Views of a 2012 punto ( twinair) engine bays battery layout..
Sensors slide onto a 'spike' on the battery terminal to monitor battery condition for 'Stop: Start'

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