Part of a series of guides to using ePer

Sometimes when using eper you'll find the diagram with the part you're interested in but find it's just shown as one big lump when you think it should be further broken down. Brake calipers and starter motors are common areas. Here's the page on Barchetta rear brakes:


We can see there have been a few changes over the years as there are modifications listed against the caliper but not much detail on the caliper. However if we click on the 'Go' link in the parts list we see an exploded diagram:


In the database these diagrams are referred to as 'cliches'. I believe that must be because they refer to parts that are used in lots of places and so separating them out avoided repitition and saved space on the database. I struggled to come up with a menaingful column heading and so settled on 'Components', the original ePer has a column 'heading of 'C.' and an arrow in a blue box which sort of signifies more information. I don't think either makes it obvious what it is there for and so we ended up with this mini guide!

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