This guide is for the stilo engine. It will also apply to 1.2 16v engines as well, but if your going to the hassel of a 1.2, why not a 1.4?

I also take no responsibility for anyything whatsoever, the guide is designed to assist your own knowledge ;)

Before we start, make sure you understand the costs involved in this swap, not only for the parts, but the insurance as well. Most companies will not insure this engine swap due to the dramatic increase and the fact that it has not been in the car 1 year +. However Adrian flux are very understanding.

I have no knowledge or info on removing the variator/putting a plate over it, so will not cover this. It is fairly straight forward according to Aaron (J333EVO) and you may find more info in his thread. Other than that the engine from the grande punto is pretty much the same.

Before we start you may wish to look through these threads as they are also great sources:

Also my own thread which has lots of costs and part numbers that may be of some use:

Before you carry out this engine swap:
Make sure that the suspension has been upgraded and the brakes have also been upgraded or do not continue. For brake upgrades please see this guide:

This guide also covers removal of the charcoal cannister system. Although it is not environmentaly friendly it creates a nice bit of space in the engine bay.

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