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Sep 23, 2007
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I've only ever bought 2 cars, one secondhand, and the other came in a series of big boxes...

I'm looking around at the moment for something practical to replace the heavy Landy, and the 1.3 multijet diesel Panda is looking very nice. It's easily 4 times as economical for the shopping run, and as cheap to insure as the Landy, and only slightly more on the road tax.

In my local area I can get loads of panda 1.1 and 1.2 petrols, but hardly any 1.3 mj's. Is there something I don't know about them... do they not sell as well as the petrols, or is it that the owners simply keep them longer?

The second hand prices seem to put me somewhere around the £5500 to £6000 for fairly recent models... but then I see on the fiat supersaver website that they have what are presumably brand new ones with the aircon pack for £6200? So is there a catch...:eek:
biggest one appears to be no showroom, they are brokers, but so far not heard anyone giving them a major slating on the forum. i imagine it's a case of seeing what you want in a dealer, then calling these guys to beat the price, or asking the dealer if they can beat the supasaver quote.

as for the MJ, cracking car, as evidenced by more than a few happy owners in here, but dont disregard the current champ, the 100hp
MJ against 100hp? well chalk and cheese really - both great cars, but if you want ultimate mpg economy and cheapest tax/economy then has to be the MJ and it seems that that's what you're looking for right now.

fiatsupasaver - no issues with them that ive heard of, as previous poster says - best tactic is have your test drive(s) at a local dealer then once you've made your decision give them the opportunity to match supasavers price and then decide based on that where to buy it from.
I talked to them and the £6,199 (now £6,299) was only for a Mambo yellow MJ with aircon pack and one-piece folding rear seat.

As I wanted red (+£235) plus the split and sliding rear seat (+£200), I got a very similar deal but 'in the flesh' at Perrys in Aylesbury.
Keep us posted English Gent as I'm about to follow you, Panda MJ from Supersavers or the local Perry's. Just sold the Disco and now doing the daily commute in a 90 with Simex which is not doing much for my hearing or bank balance.

BTW IIA sounds good (I've still got my '62 109), post up some pics on LR4x4 ;)
Jacked a 13 year old 300TDI Disco in for a MJ, the disco was usefull for the dump run but the economy was poor being an auto. Looked at many small cars with the Panda at the bottom of my list, soon made it to the top when I test drove it though. I look at it this way - the disco was 5% usefull for my situation and now with the Panda MJ a car that is 95% usefull, and still surprises me what I can get in it. For a cheap commute, it's simple - buy a Panda MJ, and yes, I have full motorcycle licence, and it is still cheaper to run than most middle weight commuters and warmer in the winter on the motorway. Never took the 100bhp out for a test drive, lucky really as my selection criteria would have gone out the window and I would have ended up with one as they must be a hoot to drive. hope this helps.
Thanks everybody for the advice, so a quick test ride is the way to go, then try the 'will you match this price?'

I'm assuming that the deal is due to the fast approaching end of the month!

Here you go LR90... that name sits well in a Fiat Forum :D

From one extreme to the other... what's LR4x4... is it another web thingy :eek:


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The 'deal' has been ongoing for some time now and is often recommended by Honest John in the Saturday Telegraph.

I picked up on the Perrys of Aylesbury as the nearest dealer price offer from surfing then went there and test drove one before ordering.
Fiat SuperSaver do have a showroom - it's called Pewsham Fiat near Calne :)

I was there last week, and I think I know why prices are cheap at the moment - there were a LOT of brand new unregistered light yellow Pandas round the back.....
You're not restricted in colour choice - atleast I wasn't. I just picked up my MJ from supersaver in pewsham. It's metallic silver (breakbeat grey) with aircon and cost 6659.

Grey Bear
yes in that sense you are correct... for 6299 the only colour you can get is yellow. i meant that just because they have lots of yellow out back it doesn't mean you can't opt to pay a little extra for the metallic option.
I bought my Eleganza from them last year. I had no problems and car has been perfect. Also collected from Wiltshire. One tip I picked up from the forum is using Shell V power it does put some zing into the car. Just had it serviced at Denhale in Reading (Ok but a come down from the Toyota dealers I used to use, why cant all dealers be like Toyota??)
I was there again this morning and I noticed they had a lovely looking 100HP in a sort of dark metalic blue with darkened rear windows (but maybe that is standard?).

I notice on their web site, that the price of the 100HP has now gone down to £7,795.
I brought my brand new fiat Panda MJ from fiat supersaver and could not have been easier. No problems with supersaver and picked up from the dealer at the pewsham garage in Chippenham.

Could not find a cheaper panda anywhere at the time. Mine came with the aircon pack for £7000 2 years ago.

Panda's rule! Mine is now refered to as the "Aqua Panda" as it got my mates and I through the flooding in Tewkesbury and Gloucester where I live and work.
Does anyone have any more information about Fiat Super Saver?
I am about to purchase a 100hp and they have the best price around, but I want to be sure that I will be getting an official Fiat and not an import. Are there any differences in buying from them, than an official dealer, other than price?
Thanks in advance,
I bought a Panda MJ last year from Fiat Supasaver, they do what they say and you get a new official UK car and you pick it up from a dealer. The main down side is the dealer may well be Pewsham garages and you might live a long way away. Any warranty work and servicing can be locally to you.
When I picked my car up I made a weekend of it and visited Stonehenge etc
Some posts on this forum have mentioned not getting courtesy cars because they bought the car from another dealer, but who cares if you've saved a load of money !!
Fiat supersaver is an official fiat franchise. It's the internet trading division of pewsham garages. They sell the same stock as if you went into the showroom.

They do not however take part ex, or do finance.

Read their FAQs, all your questions are answered

If you want part ex and/or finance then you deal with pewsham garages, and the price haggling starts as per normal.

I've bought from them and all is good.

If you want a rock bottom deal, just go ahead. Supersaver and perrys seem to be the best with fiat prices, but you could always ask your local dealer to try to come close, match or beat the price. People have done the same and got a result.

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If you want part ex and/or finance then you deal with pewsham garages, and the price haggling starts as per normal.

Although they do get pretty close to the Supasaver prices imhe, certainly much closer than any of the other dealers I approached!

Big thumbs up from me (y)

I was there again this morning and I noticed they had a lovely looking 100HP in a sort of dark metalic blue with darkened rear windows (but maybe that is standard?).

I notice on their web site, that the price of the 100HP has now gone down to £7,795.

The darkened rear windows are standard on the 100hp.

Also if you want finance try Similar prices to supasaver but they do finance as well: