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  • Hi Tony.

    Pictures can give a poor impression of how bad things really are. So no worries.

    Get under the car and see if metal is flaking off. That's a bad sign as the stressed areas where the springs press down will be even worse (google "stress corrosion"). If its just rusty, a good clean and soak with waxoyl will stop the corrosion.

    The spring pans can be repaired by welding but ideally the axle needs to be taken off the car. Do it before they break. That horrendous but is actually not difficult with a trolley jack and normal tool set.

    If the car is cheap (check the adverts for comparisons) you'll have spare cash to repair or replace the back axle if needed. Fiat charge a fortune for a new axle and used Panda axles are generally pretty rough.

    Search for my thread on fitting the Fiat 500 axle. It improved the car so much that IMO, it's worth doing anyway.


    I hope you don't mind me messaging you directly, but I can see from your posts about rear axles that you have a lot of experience. Can you give your opinion on the condition of the suspension cup in the photo of a car I am considering buying that I've just put a post up about please? (I thought I might be able to send you the photo in this message, but I can't see an option to.)

    It's in really good nick otherwise, really low miles but it isn't cheap - £2,700.

    I'd appreciate your advice.

    I used to have a Mk2 (now sold :( ). The alarm should be standard on both models. Remote lock the car and then open a door with a key. If indicators flash you have an alarm with faulty siren.

    The other problems may be poor circuits on the ABS/TCS/HH system but as its worse in cold conditions its likely to be the battery. Clean the +ve and -ve terminals and clean the main earth to engine and chassis. Then get the battery properly tested with a heavy resistance pack. There is a good chance you have a weak battery.
    Hi WhiteSei, I was told you have a mk2b Punto HGT and was wondering if you could help me with a few things?

    Firstly should the revised version have a alarm fitted as standard like the mk2 models?
    And also I find whenever its cold outside ( usually 6c or below ) I get the ESP/hill holder failure warning almost everytime. If its colder than that I find even restarting after a long drive does nothing, but soon as it's warmer than that I get no warnings at all.

    Thanks in advance
    Hi WhiteSei .. need help from you regarding my punto 2009...
    My clutch behaves really weird off late. It need to be press till the floor but still the gear are not as free as they use to be. I m no expert but i suspect is the clutch hyd. cyl. may have some problem. But i dont see any oil leak.
    can u guide me please.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Rajat Khanna
    Hi WhiteSei, sorry to bother you (1st name I saw) but am having a problem finding howto post a thread (bit of a muppet I'm afraid). Failing that, do you know if the head lamp covers/lenses for a MKII Punto (LHD) are seperate entaties. If so, where can I get the part # for the covers and not the head lamp units? Thanks.
    hi whitesei! I ve been browsing through your posts and found them very clear and well based. I recently bought a punto mk1 td70 , nothing to complain about it mechanically but I need advice on the roof drip side moulding. After i bought it i discovered hidden rust underneath it near the winscreen on one side and the roofrack brackets. I cleaned, sanded and covered with 2 coats of hammerite white (since the car is white). then I covered all with white zinc grease and put on new rubber mouldings but these dont fit snuggly in the area where are the brackets even with doors closed. There is a gap between the roof and the moulding. What do u suggest as a solution for this gap ? And if u can give me suggestions if I did any mistakes in dealing with the problem, maybe I can further touch up or do things differently next Summer.

    thanks in advance for any replies !
    Im based in Stafford but work near Cardiff. I can manage without the car for a week (travel by train) but the issue will be secure transport for the keys. Another option might be for me to come to you if the job is possible while I wait.

    My car is a 2001 HGT model 188. Can you tell me what the cost is likely to be.

    hi, Firstly can i ask the Model and age of your fiat?

    I understand where you are coming from, you can't be to careful. I make the transaction as safe as possible for you, and have found that paypal is the best way to do this. If you have a problem with anything after the payment has been made you can contact paypal and they will look into it.

    where about are you based? we are in Bristol.
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