Technical Fiat Panda 169 "Knocking"

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Technical Fiat Panda 169 "Knocking"

On the solenoid itself , only applies to the 69HP

2 minutes, leave the wire connected, undo the bolt, turn it over, spray and brush, bolt it back in

Every time I take a head off these 69HP engines a few days or weeks later it blocks as the gunk gets disturbed

The top Gauze is always fine, it's always the bottom quarter

Pretty easy fix but annoying, car runs but down on power and may stall at junctions

It may need cleaning a second time latter

Always been P0011 so far for me

Some of the oil galleries on the 69HP run across the top of the valve cover, if you replace the gasket, you will also need a new set of o rings, same if you change the cambelt using the proper locking tool

The 69hp needs regular oil and filter changes
I've cleaned the solenoid, the inside of the engine, and changed the oil and filter. I no longer have any errors except for a misfire in cylinder 2. I have a scope camera that I'll use to check if the piston is okay. Then, I'll measure the pressure.
Cool, progress

Misfire on 2

Swap the plugs see if the fault moves

Swap the leads and see if the fault moves

And so on

My wild guess would be plugs too big of a gap

Post some photos of the plugs 0.8mm gap when new