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  • Hello :)

    Just watched your Youtube video of changing the cabin filter in the evo, as I plan on doing a mini service soon. I noticed you have the 68R phone holder and if you don't mind me asking, where did you got it from and how much was it was please?

    Hi Andy,
    I would be really grateful if you could tell me how you fixed the punto AC drain issue. I have lifted the carpets and the sound proofing material was soaked so I'm pretty sure the drain is leaking into the cabin.
    I have cleaned the rubber drain thing and it's still leaking, can you tell me where you put your rubber seal, I can see 2 nuts holding the drain in place on the engine side, does the rubber seal go engine side or the passenger footwell side.
    Really would appreciate your help as I'm in Spain and it's bloody hot with no aircon!!
    Hey mate, just had a look at your YouTube channel, some good content just need a little more! Subscribed so look forward to seeing some upgrades/changes on your GP. FYI: Your website in your signature is down, thought I would check it out for more content but get a 404 when clicking through. Cheers, Levi.
    Hiya, just wondering if you know of any speakers that are good for the front and back of a fiat punto dynamic 2003? Im not sure how many W I should get. My radio unit is a Sony MEX-N5000BT
    hi im just wondering if you have ever changed oil filter + spark plugs on a panda 4x4 1.2 petrol and if so could you tell me how you done this? thanks
    oh right thanks
    i think that russ is a bit heavy handed to be honest
    i wonder how many went to the xmaS DO
    Hi Andy, I am pretty much isolated here in South Africa with the only Barchetta in the country. I am seeking a coolant thermostat for which I have been quoted R1,100 or about 100 English pounds. The car is running very cold and I am afraid of consequent engine wear. Are you in the UK? Perhaps you could re-direct me? - I saw you referring to a thermostat in a post - Many thanks!
    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for replying.
    What is this car actually worth in its current condition as I cann find any prices anywhere of similar models or restored models being sold.

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