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Been test driving


Nov 24, 2004
Me and mate, Luke... went out looking for a replacement for the Punto today.

I was talked into driving an Audi A3 1.8t

Wow... Fast comfortable and quiet


BMW 328i Coupe...

What a let down, Full leather, it looked the business, sounded lovely. Felt like it couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding!!!

The next on the list is a 200sx but got to the third dealer to late, so will have a blast tomorrow.

Can anyone recommend anything else that might be desirable ? I know I don't want a Fiat Coupe or a Stilo
Considered a 156, but it would have to be a V6

But not sure that they age that well.

It's got to be something sporty and fun.... oh and 3 door!!! No 5 door convenience for me!
How about an alfa 156 GTA :worship:

Strange how you say the 328 felt slow, straight line performance they will leave the 1.8T for dead. You do have to rev them and they don't have the shove like a turbo'd car.
Ibiza is to small and Leon is a 5 door!! Fussy I know !!!

Was so suprised as well by the lack of performance of the 328, cos when I found that, I was grinning from ear to ear and when your mate is standing next to the car saying, that is so you!!!

We were both shocked though.... foot to the floor and....... nothing !

As for another fiat group car, hmmmm.... the styling of the Alfas is nice....
iam amazed about the beemer. they can clock 0 - 60 in 6.5 secs. that car must have had a problem as they are noted for their pulling power.
a hard charger is a volvo s70 T5 or the R verson. very nice cars.
how about for a dark horse, a toyota celica. very nice and well built.
personnaly, i would find another beemer to try.:)
The budget seems to keep shifting, but no more than 5 grand really with 2 on top from the punto.

Took the 200sx out earlier. That was fun but didn't feel that quick, although it is very tail happy, but easily caught!

Also took another Audi A3 1.8t out. Can't decide between the two.

The Audi has better build quality, ie, thump the dash or doors and it sounds solid. The nissan doesn't have that feel to it and was also hollow sounding while on the road.

also, all the audi's have 80,000+ miles on them, where as the nissan only has 45,000

can't decide :bang:
Hello Gregit.

We have had 3 BMW's, all company cars. 2 saloons and a Compact. The compact was the best to drive, but VERY Twichy back ends. I wouldn't go out and buy a BMW. Not impressed with them.(n) (n)

We are on to are second A3 2TDI, the first one 53 reg, my wife was hit head on by a 4x4, both cars wrote off. Took the fire service about 3hours to cut her out the car. Cutting equipment couldn't cut the car. Audi's triple layer body.

The second is a 54 reg, the Audi's are so much better the BMW's for handling. I would recommend one to anyone.

Good luck anyway, with what ever you choose.
gregit said:
also, all the audi's have 80,000+ miles on them, where as the nissan only has 45,000

What sort of age are we talking? At least you know the Audis have been reliable, otherwise they wouldn't have clocked up 80+K miles :D. It also depends on how many miles you're planning to cover.