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General Repair items cost check

Could be they don't really want to do the job, got to be much easier ways to make money than working on a potentially rusty old FIAT? So they simply price it at a point where they will make a good profit from the job?, possibly hoping you'll just go away - or elsewhere?
I wouldn't think so

It's bead and butter work

Even garages that mainly do MOTs take on shocks and arms as they don't tie up the ramps for long
It only makes sense to buy an old car if you're a moderate DIYer as potential garage labour costs would be extraordnarly daft.
The only weakness I could see on these cars is a rusty rear axle; everything else are service items, but they do add up (as with any other car), e.g, last year - major engine service, 2 front suspension arms, exhaust back box, wiper blades - probably 300 quid in parts.
When someone asks me what car they should buy, I say if you don't know anything about cars then they should lease one instead.
I judge the value of repair costs against the costs of being a new (to me) car. Let's say I borrow (or spend) £10,000 that's about £200 per month over 48 months. If the repairs cost £600 and the car runs for more than 3 months I'm still on the winning side. I think it's wrong to see the costs as being wasted "investments". Obviously, the basics have to be ok but all cars are a cost. They are terrible investments so the trick is to minimise costs (purchase and running).
Here is a photo on the right side of the rear suspension and the left side is in similar condition. I also noticed that over the last week a piece of my exhaust is ow hanging off so guess that's something else to get a quote on -Looks like the second layer of exhaust steel is intact though.

I've had this car since new and I've spent maybe £500 on none consumable repairs so it's been a a bargain to run. Ideally I'd like to keep it until Fiat announce whatever Panda is coming next.


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Check the spring pans about 20mm inboard of the welds to the swing arms. This is ares suffers stress corrosion so the metal thins faster. If it's ok. spray the axle with a deep soaking rust prevention liquid. Lanogard is the latest. ACF-50 is good but expensive. Waxoyl is actually pretty rubbish it dries out and allows the rust to run underneath.

Then get a cheap endoscope camera for your phone and look inside the sills. The same stuff will help stop them getting tinworm.