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Non-Fiat help Please!

Oct 22, 2004
The Mean Street's Of COVENTRY!!
Hi Guys,

my mums got a 2002 corolla 1.6vvti, the problem is,
when the car is started in the morning or after a long period(when engine is cold), there is a tapping noise coming from the engine. Also when the engine is warmend up, at around 1k rpm there is a kind of growling noise coming from the engine but once the revs get above 2k, the noise is not there. Would anyone know what the problem is? ive done an oil change on the car about a month ago and its been like this for about 3months.
ive been told that its something to do with the "valve tappets", is this harmfull to the engine and how would i be able to fix the problem?

seem to recall there being a prob with these engines having sticky valves.dont know how ive heard it though
My car makes weird noises when cold but they go away once warm.

I'd recommend bringing it to Toyota or a Jap Specialist to have it diagnosed, it could be anything from the valves to a loose clutch ring to maybe even incorrect grade oil.
I used to work for Toyota building em, Id advise you to take it to a dealer as they will be able to tell you straight away whats up. To be perfectly honest with you i wouldnt touch the toyota or honda engines as they are so complex that you could cause more damage than you already have imo.(y)
Hydraulic Tappets will be noisy untill oil has reached them because they are designed to take up the clearance between the camshaft lobes and valve and they are the furthest away from where the oil sits (Sump) when you start the engine.

If the noise persits then it might be a early of another problem (oil pump, blocked oilways, pressure relief valve, etc)
But dont ignore it any further as it could lead to further engine damage.

Its up to you if you want to have a go but youll need torque settings, maybe special tools (You know what car manufactures are like!), etc.

Good luck with it.(y)