Used Fiats price growth

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Used Fiats price growth


Jul 27, 2021
Article on the BBC today, Fiat Panda and Tipo are both in the top 5 (used) cars by annual price growth, with 18.7% and 18.6% growth.
With the S-Class managing to buck the trend of smaller cars at the top, leading the board.
I'd imagine a lot of this is due to these cars traditionally shedding value like dandruff.

Low supply means all values have firmed up and people can less afford to turn their nose up. So those cars that normally are de-valued by low demand or the market preferring something else will be doing better because values of in demand cars were already pretty strong.

Even our traditionally worthless worth more 60% of what was paid after more than 5 years on the road. Original forecast was it would be worth 47% after 3 years and 18k miles.
I think the S-Class is explainable by the massive price rises in new ones , these were £100k cars not that long back, now you’re looking at £200k for a similar car so people who wants them will be saving a fortune buying used.

All the other cars in that list are car a that traditionally tank Their value soon after they hit the road so when used prices are strong the very cheapest models will hold their value better than others, yet they’re still very cheap used cars