Has anyone used Heated window repair paint?

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Has anyone used Heated window repair paint?


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Mar 23, 2007
Naturally as soon as one car was repaired...the other has a small annoying issue.

So have a row of element out in the C3 rear demister can see the break so was going to get some conductive paint. Never actually done it before though as I prefer not to damage them in the first place.

Process seems simple enough, mask up either side, paint it on, let it dry, remove. Just wondering if there's any thing to be aware of?

Also is there's a decent brand of paint etc. or they are all the same?
Yes, used some time ago. It works fine. It does not keep well. Evaporation gets to it. No issues. Clean the screen with meths first though. I had Halfords stuff.
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I've used it on a couple of vehicles, and it works well.

Applying it is an art. Theory is you mask up the elements, and paint the stuff on. Sellotape gives a cleaner edge than masking tape, unless you've got some of that fine line masking tape. The brush supplied is quite large in comparison to the elements, so it is difficult to apply it cleanly. Removing the masking needs to be times well. Too early and the stuff runs, too late and it removes the whole repair. Much swearing is necessary.

Once on, it works well. In fact the paint tends to heat up slightly faster than the elements, so you get a little clear spot there first.

I have a pot ready for the Panda. Had it so long, it is probably solid. With aircon, the air is dried well so misting up at the rear not a big issue. Can't remember when I last used any rear screen heater.
Thanks Both (can't dole them out in leisure lounge!)

Have been doing some "research" as well main issues do appear to be the masking removing the paint. That and finding some paint that hasn't been on the shelf years when the shelf life is about 6 months. Will probably buy some fine masking and and a modelling brush give myself best chance of getting it right 1st time.

Unfortunately with the usage the cars get at the minute we seem to have a lot of 3 people, all soaked through and a wet pram getting into a stone cold car. While the the aircon will clear the windscreen and front side windows by the time it's got to the rear it's got 3 loads of breath in it + moisture from clothing and the boot is full of wet stuff as well.

It seems most superminis are only designed in terms of HVAC for the front two passengers. Family cars tend have a set of vents for the rear seats..which also ensure air reaches the rear of the car still dehumidified and actually clears the windows.