Should We all Use Pence Per Mile To Compare Efficiency

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Should We all Use Pence Per Mile To Compare Efficiency

Should We Use Pence Per Mile To Compare Efficiency

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AIUI, coasting is not allowed in the highway code because it is deeemed that the driver is not in control, but by that notion, most of the drivers on the road should be banned for driving. IMO many drivers can't control their vehicles on a bright sunny day under any conditions. However, they all think they can.
And again IMO, coasting should be the least of anyone issues with other peoples driving.
Coasting is not illegal, according to the "Rules of the road" as defined in the Highway Code, so I ask again: "for what offence" ?
Would you make a point of doing it on your driving test while on a dual carraiage way?
I'd bet you'd fail for that on a test.
The only time I let the car coast is under 5mph, if you are above that then you should get done for it, plain and simple.
I do this at 5mph or less but only as a brake grab/bind test. As the car slows down if there is any slightly binding brake then the car will have a faint jerk as it come to a final stop. It is surprising how even the slightest bind can be detected. This test is also essential when your are towing as it will detect any issues with the towed item.
It is surprising you how you can detect the slightest brake problem that way, conversely, taking your foot off the brake and car slightly rolling gives the same re-assurance.