Technical Fiat panda 169 Left low beam problems- body computer

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Technical Fiat panda 169 Left low beam problems- body computer

Far too complicated

Option 1
Looks in better condition than this, yes it's the rears but it's far more current, still working a couple of years later, A good clean up,

Option 2
Or cut the old ones off


Strip a few mm


And Crimp some new ones on



Option 3
Or go to the scrap yard and cut a similar connector off take a couple of terminals out and graft them onto you connector as per instructions above, except using second hand parts

Option 4
Or buy the kit 71745167

Option 5
Take it to an auto electrician, shouldn't be more than 1/2 Hour

All of which would see the light working as they should

Lets not bodge things
Your lucky the BSI is still working these have a working current of 30A and a working temprature of 105 degrees centigrade it a multi layer PCB if one of the middle tracks burnt out it would be a nightmare

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almost never use the car. I have 2 motorcycles and I live in a city with heavy traffic.

bought the car for my dog.

I spend more time fixing the car than driving it. But I'm enjoying it :)


The manual in my country recommends 10 amps for low beam fuses.
When I measured it with the power supply, I measured that each dipped beam consumed 3.8 amps of energy.
As you said, I will install a 7.5 amp fuse.

About socket

I will give the outlet when I find it at a reasonable price.

About the fuse tap
The system I am currently using should not cause any harm.
The energy comes out of the fuse and goes to the socket outlet. I got the energy before heading to the exit.

The contact area of the fuse legs here is much larger than the contact area of the socket. I don't think there will be a problem with this. I actually think it's healthier than the socket.

I don't understand your concern about this issue.

About relay

I think the relay is related to the driver's window, if I can find the circuit diagram I'll check it out. Or one day I will do a manual test with the lid open.

Of course I don't want burnt PCB paths.
How is your dog?
photo please.
Yes I know it's off topic but we all need a bit of joy now and then.

A 4 year old female. We found him in the forest. When we found it, it was in a very neglected and weak condition.

He has been with us for 1 year and is very happy now.


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Or the motor for the adjustment simply died. Had that once on my Stilo. Checked at home and was fine and on MOT still fine, but at random retesting by RDW it had died. Put one in that was originally meant for a Skoda and worked ever since.

gr J
It's not a feature I use all the time.
The headlights are aftermarket and new, not too old.

Other than that, I think if one breaks down, the other one won't break either.

I had previously encountered a problem where my rear fog lights did not work when the low beam headlights did not have their original bulbs.

Whenever I deviate even slightly from the original, I am punished.
Yes, I replaced the conductive parts. The cable cross-section is 1.5mm2 and it is a fireproof cable.

My headlight height feature started working again. This car continues to teach me things.

It is always necessary to repair it in its original form.

I ordered socket. When the plastic socket I use breaks down, I will replace it with a new one.

Thanks a lot


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