Technical Panda 169 New Throttle Body question

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Technical Panda 169 New Throttle Body question

Jul 30, 2023
Greetings everyone, this will be a bit complicated explanation.

-Previous fault lamp, irregular operation, stalling.
I had problems.
I determined that the map and eccentric cable were broken and repaired them.

-I detected some vacuum leaks. I fixed it.

Despite these, I thought my idling was not very good. I don't trust iacv very much. When I disassembled it before to clean it, the plastic came off easily. It has worn out over the years.

-While I was investigating the first malfunction above, I also purchased the throttle body.

Now I decided to assemble it.

After installing it, the idling performance of the car increased significantly.
The vehicle started to reach idle speed much more easily and quickly.So yes, my problem was here and it was fixed. I experienced very positive developments. The time I have to wait for the car to idle while stopping, starting and maneuvering has decreased.


  • I guess he didn't recognize the new throttle body correctly.
  • Sometimes the idle remains constant at 1400 rpm. (Too high) (I'm not talking about the automatic choke procedure)
  • In general, it stays healthy at 800 rpm.
  • Sometimes it is wavy like 800-500 -800-500rpm. It works.

But despite its choppy operation, it never knocks or tends to stall. So my vacuum circuit is very healthy.

The LPG circuit is a retrofitted circuit. When running on LPG, the rpm is currently around 1500. I need to go to the service to set this up. But the problems I am talking about now are the events that occur when the LPG system is turned off and the vehicle is started on gasoline.​


  • Is there any automatic identification procedure that I know of? Or is there?
-Remove the terminal - Reconnect after the new throttle body. (20 minutes no energy)
  • Also, when I disassembled the old TB, I observed that it was quite oily. There may be too much oil coming from the vapor recovery pipe.

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A dropping injector will give a negative fuel trim at idle

We go round in circles

Because MES is missing the value we want for this car there is nothing stopping us from finding out if a dripping injector is likely within minuites

We have a working K line cable, use some different software

We have access to a working scantool, get them to look at the fuel trims at idle
But does the LPG system have a separate ECU? And can we access that via the car's OBD?

gr J
Lpg system has a separate ecu.
From injector timing to fuel quantity. It has parameters that allow you to adjust how much fuel you want to inject at what temperature.

Although LPG adjustment is not very difficult. If incorrect settings are made. It may cause heat damage to the valves.

That's why I don't intervene with LPG until the vehicle runs completely on gasoline.

I've never adjusted LPG before. But I want to master this subject in the future.

It has its own ecu socket and software. Settings can be made from the computer.


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Nothing changes.

Today I reset the throttle adaptation.

I use the car only on gasoline. After resetting the symptoms changed.

It used to fluctuate directly, now it signals a smaller fluctuation at first.

Before the reset, idling was causing less malfunctions. Now it gives more malfunctions.

This data has no meaning to me.

My guess about this is this. Some of the parts I replaced had previously affected idling positively. Now that effect has disappeared.

Ltft, stft I still can't look.

My desire to check the cylinder gasket and valves is increasing.

I will remove the cylinder head in the coming weeks.

Do you have any recommendations for the timing belt tool?

Apart from this, I bought a communication device for LPG.

I can run tests where I can turn the LPG injectors off and on one by one. Nothing changed.

The LPG circuit determines its own map by looking at the map and injection time. In fact, in advanced settings, the user can view the table with fuel trims by looking at the ltft stft settings.

I don't know if I can use this data to detect malfunctions or perform tests, I have this in mind.


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I just came from a long trip of 3000 kilometers (10 days). It was a touristic tour with an interval of 500 km.
The idle problem is still the same :) but there is no problem in normal movements.

There is no water loss in the vehicle. Oil reduction is at the level written in the user manual.

I will disassemble the engine in 10-15 days, I am very curious, I hope I can find something.


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Did the seller recommend this as a circulation pump? However, the propeller structure seemed too small to me. Also, the fact that the propeller is metal means it can rust. I think the original is plastic.
Does anyone have a picture of the original pump?

Also, are there any other pieces that come to your mind?

My purchases.

-Rocker arm cover gasket
-engine gasket

-Water pump

-timing belt and timing bearing.

-liquid seal

-Exhaust manifold gasket

-Engine oil, antifreeze and pure water

The top cover and valves are adjusted to the millimeter by CNC. I will give this directly to a service that repairs the cover.


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Graf are a top brand water pump.
Do not spin the water pump without it being lubricated with anti freeze.
Metal impeller better than plastic, no rust due to corrosion inhibitors in "antifreeze"
Did your dog enjoy road trip?

İts made the holiday, not us. :)

It is very difficult to find a place to stay or a restaurant to eat with a dog. This problem becomes even more serious in small cities.

I think we will stay in tents on our next trips.

The vehicle is having a little trouble fitting our belongings. This holiday has led me to take a step towards the roof rack.


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Fiat 500 is a car that I like very much. Every time I see it, I wonder if I can adapt. Then I give up.

In my country, the rearview mirror must be visible. Loading of goods in this way is normally prohibited.

There aren't many people who practice this. They are not legally involved.

Side mirrors are sufficient in most cases. As a motorcycle user, I'm used to this. Still, I try not to turn it off.