First things first Used Engine oil is a known Carcinogenic medium so do your best to avoid direct contact with your skin wear suitable gloves and wash skin well with hot water and soap when finished ..

Also its a known pollutant and a criminal offence to dispose of oil down the drain it must be disposed of safely and legally
For your nearest disposal point (for oil and filter) look here: Or call 08708 506 506

Equipment you need:

Jack/ axle stands/ or ramps
Measuring jug
12mm alan key or 12mm Hex socket,
Filter removal tool or vice like grip
Hammer (if sump plug is stubborn)
Latex / Vinyl gloves
Rags / blue roll
Oil pan or large tray
Container for waste oil.

Fresh oil and suitable Oil Filter would also be a good idea too

Oil drains better if the car is warm so take it for a short run prior to draining.. ( I pre-soaked the drain plug with penetrating release oil 24 hours prior to removal)

First raise the front end of the car safely...

Next open bonnet and remove oil filler cap...

Now get under car (right hand side(( uk drivers side)) locate Sump drain plug at the lower right back side of the sump

Undo sump plug.JPG

12mm alan key.JPG

This takes a 12mm HEX (alan) Key to remove either a 12mm Alan key or a 12mm hex socket attached to a ratchet some might be tight so the alan key might need a tap with a hammer to crack any corrosion

Once loose slide you drip pan under the sump drain slightly more towards the back of the car as the oil will come out under a bit of pressure

Now remove the sump plug fully using the 12mm alan key ((anti clockwise))

((doesn’t matter if the sump plug drops into the drip pan you can retrieve it later))

Now with the old oil draining away its time to remove the filter which is located on the Front of the engine between it and the radiator


(highlighted in Yellow)



Mine was removable by hand but you might need a oil filter remover ((it unscrews anti clockwise))...

Move your drip pan under the filter to catch the oil which is remaining in the filter
Try not to drop it into your oil pan :bang:

Now let the car drain for a while 30 mins later i still had a slight trickle so the longer the better It goes without saying DO NOT START THE CAR WITH NO OIL IN!
Once you are happy there is no more oil left to seep out retrieve and wipe clean the drain plug, oil filter area and sump with a rag

refit the sump plug snugly nipping up with the 12mm alan key.. (there is no sump plug washer or seal to replace its a tapered thread which seals itself when tight)

Next get your new oil filter... give the Rubber seal a wipe with some fresh oil and screw on hand tight..

Oil filter.JPG

Now you’re ready to refill with oil..........

Oil and jug.JPG
The 1.2 8V takes 2.6 Litres of oil ((4.58 pints)) to bring it to ½ way on the dipstick And as T14086 advises below 3.2 Litres to fill it to max


Pour in slowly and allow to settle and check its showing on the dipstick

Next get in the driver’s seat and start the car ((DO NOT REV THE CAR)) you will notice the Oil pressure light stays on for about 5 seconds then should go out.

(this is due to the oil pressure sensor been deprived of oil whilst the oil pump fill and primes the oil filter)

Stop the car then check oil level again....

Now wipe any oil from the sump area and filter and leave for a while to check for leaks

Happy motoring. (y)