tools needed

1 x pozzi screw driver
needle nose pliers
flat screw driver

Fairly obvious don't smoke whilst doing this

first off remove filler cap and stick a bit of rag in the filler inlet (this stops any dirt entering your fuel tank...

next remove the 1x Pozzi screw

now pull the side closest to the removed screw outwards...

now run your finger round the rubber seal which surrounds the filler neck then remove fully

and slid out

don't loose this bit as its only push fitted in place


pull off the drain hose...

next the hard part to remove the pin

get a friend to nip the 2 bits of the legs together

then lever the pin out very carefully with the slotted screwdriver from the top so as not to break it....

Do not panic if you do destroy it replacements are listed on EPER at 55pence each.....

Part number is : 51759057 description :pin

then pull out old broken lid then re insert new one and re insert pin then put back together in reverse order