First off you need "type 286 12v 1.2w" Bulb/s available from most motor factors ideally you want to change them all as usually if one is at the end of its life all the others will have had the same amount of use so wont be far behind you will need 8 bulbs

Later revisions of the 2012 GP's handbook actually show the bulbs are 2.3w not 1.2w , At the time i wrote this there was no info in the older cars handbook as to the bulb type

it can be done without tools but sometimes needs a little persuasion with a medium size flat screw driver an electricians one is ideal as the insulation protects the paint work..

Now to get the lamp unit out.......

First open the boot (nice easy bit to start with)

And remove the 2 rubber blanking plugs

Now position a screw driver so you can push the light fitting out of the cars body work

At the same time press the little metal clip down with your finger...

(the above 2 movements should be done at the same time but since i was holding the camera i had to take 2 separate pictures..)

then ease the light out do a little at a time on each side moving the right hand side (as you stand at the back of the car out more than the left (the left hand side has the tube for the rear washer jet attached so has to be eased out to the right..

(you can also see one of the 2 metal retaining clips in the above pic) (y)

so ease it out with the boot lid closed now



Next locate the 2 plastic retaining clips an bend them with your thumb to separate the bulb holder from the lens


Now replace the bulb DO NOT TWIST THE BULB a straight pull is all that is needed


(might be an idea to wear gloves if your a bit heavy handed dont want to be picking bits of broken glass out of your finger tips!)

Then put it all back together and push back into the boot.. At this point it might clip straight back in place and you can refit the grommets BUT chances are it wont...

get a freind to push the light fitting home then using the screw driver lift the clips up so they lock against the inside of the boot lid


Hope that helps (y)