A fairly common problem on the Punto Mk2 is the interior fan not working when the fan control nob is turned. If instead, your sidelights come on, then this guide is for you!!

This is a 10 min job to fix, and all you will require is a small peice of wire, a stanley knife or wire stripper, soldering iron and solder (optional).

First thing to do is to remove the felt cover at the top of the passenger footwell. This is done by pulling out the two plastic push fit clips


This will reveal the interior fan and motor assembly.


Look to the left of the fan/motor assembly, and you will see a black wiring multi-plug

With your wire cutter/stipper, stip away a small amount of the insulation on the black wire either side of the electrical multi-plug. Then, simply bridge the connector with your new peice of wire as below.

Make sure that you then use some shrink wrap or electrical tape to cover up the bare joints.

Test, and fingers crossed, problem solved!!

Hope that helps,