If your door clicks loudly when it is opened or closed, then this guide is for you. If your door has dropped, then replacing the check strap will not help, but I will cover how to fix that in a later guide.

Working on vehicles can be dangerous, so take all necessary precautions to protect yourself. I nor FiatForum accept any liability for injury or damage caused whilst following this guide. If you are unsure then seek advice.

Ok, so before you order a new check strap, there are a couple of things to check first. Often the clicking is caused simply by the bolts securing the check strap to the door or chassis working lose. So first check that the two torx bolts and the two Allen bolts are secure and tight. If they are, then proceed with this guide.

1. Above is a picture of the check strap highlighted in red. This is what needs

2. Remove the speaker grill. It simply clips on and is easiest removed by pulling from left to right

3. This will reveal the speaker. Remove the 3 phillips screws (highlighted in red)

4. Disconnect the wiring multi-plug from the rear of the speaker and remove the speaker. This will give you access to the back of the check strap through the hole left by the speaker.

5. Undo the 2 x Torx30 bolts that secure the check strap to the chassis, and the two allen bolts that secure the check strap to the door. Then put your hand in the speaker hole (WARNING there are sharp edges and window mechanisms etc that could hurt you, so do this with caution) Take hold of the back end of the check strap and pull it back through the door.

Hopefully your check strap wont be as bad as this one (snapped in half) but something like this is what you should be left with.

Replacement is the reverse or removal. A very simple and quick job that can fix a really annoying problem (y)

Hope that helps some of you