A common fault with JTD engines that have done over 50000 miles is intermittent cutting out. This normally occurs once then engine has warmed up, and the engine will the simply cut out. Often, it will not restart again until it has been left for a while to cool down a bit. However it will turn over fine. Once the engine has restarted, it will then run fine again for a while, until again it cuts out. This is a common fault, and classic symptoms of a faulty crank shaft sensor or RPM sensor as it is sometimes known.
A new crank/RPM sensor will set you back about £30-40 from Fiat, or around £20 from somewhere like Shop4parts.co.uk
  • Jack front of car up and support on axel stands, or use ramps. Don’t work under a car just supported by a jack! If it fails, it WILL hurt!
  • Undo the 5 bolts that secure the undo tray to the car. 3 torx bolts at the front, 2 x 10mm bolts at the rear. Remove the under tray from the car.
  • Crawl under the car and look up at the rear side of the engine.. Just the right of the exhaust, you will see a large red cable clipped into a plastic bracket. There is also a smaller black cable. This is the lead for the RMP/crank sensor.
  • At the top of the bracket, the connector for the crank sensor is clipped into the bracket. This is almost impossible to remove in situ, and the easiest way to disconnect it, is to remove the single 13mm bolt that secures the plastic bracket the rear of the engine.With the 13mm bolt removed, pull the plastic bracket down, and unclip the crank sensor connector from it. Then disconnect the crank sensor connector.
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  • Now follow the black cable back towards the rear left hand side of the engine, just below the starter motor. The crank sensor is bolted into the engine with a single T40 Torx bolt. Undo the torx bolt and pull the crank sensor out of the engine. Be careful as it may have oil on it and you don’t want it in your eye!!
  • Make sure that the rubber washer that sits around the base of the sensor is removed too.

Replacement is the reverse of removal!

Hope that helps,