This guide will show you how to replace the original ashtray and lighter etc that comes on most of the lower model punto's, for a nice new centre console with a pocket for your CDs.,,

This is the location of some of the allen key screws you'll need to remove,

There are 4 allen key screws holding the ashtray in place and you'll need to disconnect the cigarete lighter wiring block at the rear of the ashtray,


Next you will need to remove this screw from the plastic gear lever shroud,


Now for the handbreak shroud, there is a plastic cover over the 2 10mm nuts in front of the lever, pop this off and remove the nuts,


And there is one more 10mm nut behind the lever, The cover on this one is attached to the plastic panel as one piece and should be pryed open from the top instead of where the carpet meets the plastic otherwise you'll break the hinge on it,


This is what it looks like with everything removed,



Now just put the new centre console in place, the section with the ashtray goes first and then the handbreak section,( you wont have the pocket in yet)


Bolt up the 3 10mm nuts and then replace all the allen key screws,



You should have a metal bracket that joins the top of the centre console to the section underneath the stereo, I didnt get this with my one so i had to make my own, Its fairly basic and it just stiffens up the unit,

Now just insert the pocket that goes under the stereo by pushing it in untill it lock into place, it has metal clips on the rear of it,

If you are buying a console make sure to ask for the bracket to be included as it will save you time.,.,

Time for a pat on the back and a cup of tea!.,.,
Good Luck!