Changing brake lines on the mk1

This guide will show you how to replace your brake lines if they are damaged or leaking.,

you'll need to remove the wheel and jack up the car first,

This is what the new brake line will look like,
Breakline 1.JPG

If you look behind your front wheels you will notice there is a lot ok fresh brake fluid around if the lines are in need of replacement.,
Breakline 2.JPG

This is where the fluid line goes into the caliper,
Breakline 3.jpg

You can see where the line has split in this photo,
Breakline 4.jpg

You have to pull this clip out with a pliers to get the brake line to drop through the hoop,
Breakline 5.jpg
Breakline 7.jpg

This is the bleed nipple for pressurising the brakes again,
Breakline 6.jpg

This is the new line refitted, you have to put the caliper end on first then the upper part,
Breakline 8.JPG
Breakline 10.JPG

Then when you have everything back together, loosen this little valve,
Breakline 11.JPG

Now your gonna have to pressurise the system, sounds difficult but its not really.
You will need another person to sit in the car and press the pedal for you though while you are opening/closing the bleed valve,.,

First you will have the valve open (it just needs a little turn) and get the helper to pump the brake pedal until there is a nice stream of brake fluid comming out and not just spitting, then while there doing that you tighten it and see if they notice a difference in the pedal,
Keep a bottle of brake fluid handy and make sure the reservoir doesnt get too low.,.,
Tell them to keep pumping while the valve is closed then tell them to hold the pedal down., you will now open and then close the valve, releasing the pressure and remaining air in the system, make sure that the helper is still holding the pedal down while you close the valve or it will suck in more air.,
When the valve is closed tell them to pump the brake again and they should feel it stopping about halfway down,.,.
Depending on the amound of air in the system you may have to repeat the process to get all the air out..,

Be sure to clean any spilled brake fluid off the discs, pads etc or the brakes will be useless.,(y)

Job well done!.,.,(y) :D