Replacement of faulty (for example leaking) clutch slave cylinder is fairly easy.
There are many manufacturers, many styles of hydraulic actuators. Doesn't matter much which one you buy, just pay attention to the bolt hole pattern and hydraulic connection (quick connector in this case).

Top up the brake fluid and leave the lid open.

Undo two bolts (13 mm hex), with suitable socket extension.

Slowly compress the piston. Internal spring is fairly strong and tip of the push rod is sharp, use some rag to protect your hand.

Open (don't remove it completely) the spring retainer clip.

Pull out the hydraulic hose and block the fluid with your finger. Throw away old clutch slave and take new one (compress the piston too). Secure the hose with clip and put down the cylinder, close to the gearbox. Then slowly release the piston. Observe the brake fluid level, top up if necessary. Install the cylinder (bolts). Note there is some play in the mounting holes. Wiggle a bit left/right and find a center spot, then tighten the bolts.

Done, slave actuator installed. Now air bleeding. Valve is not a bolt, you don't crank it with spanners etc. It makes only half turn.

There is nothing inside, no gaskets/seals. Just two holes aligning (Open) or not (Close).

DIY bleeding kit is helpful. Use clear plastic hoses/tubing. Like pneumatic ones. Diameter (outer) 6 mm will do.

Open the bleeder valve and wait few seconds. Let the gravity start the process.

Press the clutch slowly by hand. Leave it on the floor level.

Close the valve. Then slowly pull the clutch pedal up.

Repeat the process 2-3 times and it should be OK, last bubble and job is done. You will feel increasing hydraulic resistance (clutch pedal assembly has a bit play, few milimeters max., besides that it should be fairly stiff when bled).

Efficient bleeding procedure will waste surprisingly small amount of fluid.

Clutch slave cylinder stroke is about 20 mm. No boot installed during filming (animated GIF, click it if not playing).

Clutch operation, using cheap USB inspection camera (animated GIF again).

If you are lucky, that's all (brand new slave, air bled, no leaks). If not - see Page 2.