Seicento My 2.0 16v Seicento Project


As most of you already know i was thinking of creating a 2.0 16v fiat seicento......looking at the conversion, its already causing a few issues and wont be straight forward... but im still giving it a go!!

I need to work out how to get the hub / drive shaft combo sorted.... brake callipers + lines need to be worked out, and then the most important, keeping the rear end on the floor when braking!! as i didnt realise how light these cars are with nothing in the rear...

Ive got a T reg seicento sporting with 12months MOT and 6 Months tax, so this is a good base to get started on.

So far the car has been gutted, and im in the process of cutting out the wiring i wont be needing.

Im off on a 300 mile round trip tomorrow to pick the engine up, and then the battle of fitting it in will begin!

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