Seicento 1.4 Uno Turbo'd Seicento Rebuild Thread


As a few of you may know, ive bought a nail of a car... I myself knew this, but i wanted to spend some time, money and effort to get it back in a show & stand worthy condition.

It was owned on here by 'wardy25' and as far as i can tell he spent a fortune on her... It was later sold, and then neglected... So far i understand that the car was left off the road for ages, owned by chavs, and thrashed, and thats only when its actually been running...

After it being sold on and on, i ended up snapping up the car...

The car has loads of problems, which i knew prior to me buying her, but she does come with loads of cool stuff...

The interior is full leather, its got powder coated abarth wheels, skirts spoiler, uprated brakes, and the main thing.... a tasty 1.4 uno turbo engine... which i think is the MK2 engine.

The car also comes with panels hanging off, cold start problems, faded paint, wiring faults, and more holes in the exhaust than swiss cheese....

So as a good thread goes.... here are a few pictures of the car in its current condition...

Hopefully in the near future, it wont look anything like it does today...

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