What's the one car you've owned that you miss the most...?

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What's the one car you've owned that you miss the most...?

Don't regret selling it, but do miss driving it.
It was a serious fuel guzzler and car tax was a nightmare.

But for comfort and reliable it was a dream.

1995 Mercedes C Class
'92 Discovery 200TDI. It may have been getting a bit crusty and had an appetite for gearboxes but i miss it every day. It was a bit like a faithful old Labrador, a bit smelly but always there for you.
Really would love another Nissan Micra K11 Super S or SR without power steering and no airbags.

Had two of them, loved every moment of them.

Hated the almera that i had to scrap, nasty nasty car, should of bought an almera gti n15.

Astra 1.6 1997, nippy but had lots of body roll, not fun...

Same applied to my astra 97 1.7tdi izuzu engine... hit a bend at 100ish on motorway and had to keep foot down and use all three lanes very gingerly, some brown stuff may have well come out... my a4 1.8t sport 1998 was a different story, Smooth, brilliant on the motorway and boy did it like big sweepy bends (same one as the astra and it didnt twitch, it pulled hard and felt planted)

To be honest, i don't drive like that anymore, that was 10yrs ago...

The almera and both astras where the worst, even had a kia picanto on lease once and loved the little thing...

Currently love my stilo Multijet sporting but it is anything but sporty in tge corners, in a few months i want to get that sorted, the front end is soo heavy under breaking and turning into an apex... not fun when all the steering gets too tight and stiff.... id say thats the car saying im not down for this lol...

Oh the joys
Mk2 golf gti 8v, only without due to 265 tax but I'll have another, I owned 6, years of blissful miles, built well, 40/45 mpg. Smooth, fun, typical hatchback practically just brilliant. Electronic ignition and injection so a classic that was reliable in the winter, I love those cars. Electric leather recaro's doesn't get better
These 2 are my favourites.

Fiat 124 Spider. 2.0i Lampredi engine.

Alfa 33 16v. Screaming flat-4, stiff suspension, one of the best 'old school' hot hatchbacks ever made.


2002 Audi A4 Avant 1.9TDI with sport pack and half leather in pale blue silver. I loved that car but sold it (far too soon) due to divorce. It would of course be long gone by now but still regret selling it.
Panda 100HP. It needed 3rd gear synchro but was perfect apart from that. I should have kept it and done the work.

I also find I really miss our Bravo 1.6D 105, but that required gearbox bearings so I swapped for another Panda as the caravn has now been scrapped too. This car was without any exception the best tow car I have ever driven.

We now have 3 Pandas and the new one is a 14 plate 1.2. Its absolutely great but I miss the sub 2000 rpm 70 mph cruise and extra leg room on a long run. The new 1.2 is an easy 60 mpg motor which also makes me feel smug!

Dont miss the Golf 2.0 GTD Auto. Possibly the most expensive car to maintain out of many I have owned!