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General Ugly or great?

Gets my vote !!
I LOVE embodies all that I love about FIAT. Unique styling, incredible practicality and stands out from ALL it's competition.
But don't take my word 4 it.....TOP GEAR magazine voted it it's car of the year in 2001 and it won Small MPV in the same awards in 2002 4 the 2nd year running.
Also, The Ministry Of Sound bought 1 as their official tour vehicle on last year's nationwide tour.

Praise enough in my book (altho', the missus thinks it's ugly as sin, but what would she know !!! LOL :) ) Every time we c 1, I rave about it and she just makes gagging sounds !!



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It may be as ugly as sin, but that's it's charm. I find it so refreshing to see something so different on the roads, rather than the usual 'EuroBox'. I get 45 mpg out of mine, I can get all my family in it (2 kids) and the grandparents, and a fair amount of luggage to boot. My only complaint is that now it's becoming more common you don't get the 'What the f@£$ is that' looks anymore.

Oh, I also imported mine and for the top of range model I save £5k on the list price.

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yes, i guess it has that unique look about it, and u can get a lot in it but im sorry i still think it looks YUK! Rob will never convince me otherwise.

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I love the window sticker in the back too. "Wait until you see the front"


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Where can I get this windows sticker? I think it's a great quote and should be on all Multipla's. I certainly want one on mine.
I think the design is great. Shure you have to get used to it, but it stands out in the gray masses of other cars. Did you also notice that the logo's on new models get bigger and bigger. It seems the only way to distinguish one brand from an other. We, Multipla owners, don't need that...

Great in its ugliness! Brilliant! User friendly! How could "ugly" stand alone and survive as an adjective ? <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
I'll try this again...

I tried to get hold of the "Wait till you see what the front looks like" stickers but nobody seemed to have them. I think that they may have only been stuck on promotional vehicles (press/TV etc...)by Fiat UK.

Anyway, I decided to do some of my own versions, and have posted them on the Multipla Yahoo chatroom site, accessed via Log in and go to Photo's section and click on 'show all'.

There are also some pictures posted on there of the new Multi without the bug eyes. More conventional looking for the masses (stilo type front end), but we still love our 110JTD ELX, even if it has had new sunroofs, new steering racks...and we are still only firing on one screen washer...

Only just found this site.

Happy (trouble free) Multipla motoring!


(If anyone will be travelling between Dover in Kent and Glasgow on Sat 12 April, please wave):);)
i take it you mean ;)

the site looks cool, and is quite informative

as with your sticker problem try contacting

if they don't have the sticker you want i am sure they could make you one up in any size, they made my sunstrip for me.

personally i'm a sei owner, but i am a fan of anything unconventional :D

did you realise that some of the products you sell, (courtesy light delay and intermittent rear wash) could be adapted to fit other fiats?, i know my seicento suffers from both these fiat 'quirks'.
yeah it's oogly, but, hate to be repetitive here, i said i hate to be repetitive here (kill me now), that's why i like it. it's why i also love the Renault Avantime and new Megane (3 door only...5 door is bland)

i hate it when you see a concept car and it looks 'radical' athen when it goes into production it's the same old boring s**te as usual (see citroen C3 for perfect example)

big up da oogly car masseev.

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Definitely looks great & cool. The new version out for 2004 kills the one thing that makes the car stand out, the front, and what's more it looks like the new bonnet and light cluster has just been stuck on as an after-thought, or more likely a short-sighted response to criticism! Keep the original styling I say!

Spinksy ;-)
We have tuned a number recently and I have driven both the older ones and the latest - FANTASTIC to drive, be seen in, to own and a great idea!! We even tuned one to 154bhp MAD!!!! I love em!

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