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Feb 21, 2005
Hiya all,

I have my tax renewel date in feb, along with insurance, Breakdown cover, and all the usuall bills. 6 Months down in August, i have 4 birthdays, so not a good month either.

Is there anyway i can change the tax renewal dates, by say a month, but keeping my car on the road legally or do i have to stick it out or loose a month?
Like what some people do with MOT's, but i don't wanna loose a month's tax, wanna try and clear most debts this year, so need to be a cheapskate!!

Any help'd be great,

If you have a DVLA office nearby I think you can apply there. However another way to help is the Post office do road tax saving stamps so buy a tenners worth every month and when it's due it's already paid for. I know where your comming from when I moved from London to Cumbria I lost about £900 a month and that's when I found out about them
cheers for that,

May just try the stamps in the PO, going at the weekend anyway to get tax..

I'll call the DVLA and see if they know of anything..
custard boy said:
you can alwayys tax it early and cash in the old tax

Yeah, just wait 2 months say, and send your tax disc back for a refund, then buy a new one. Or you could SORN your car for a month and take the train in the meantime....