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General Sporting owners beware


Feb 17, 2006
Edinburgh & Fife
Check your V5's folks, it states the car is a Dynamic. As far as the Insurance company's are concerned this is incorrect. They list 2 deisel models the Panda range, the Multijet Dynamic and the Multijet Sporting. If you own a Sporting and you have it insured as a Dynamic it may not be worth the paper it is written apon, as it may be deemed you have given fraudulant info to the insurer plus there is about £1200 differance in model values.
Please get back to your Dealer to get V5 changed to Multijet Sporting. It may save a lot of heartache. Fiat are aware of the problem. Apart from that I can't praise the car high enough, now had it 3 weeks and I aint used half a tank yet. (still not sure about the stripes though).
My V5 says Dynamic. I assumed it was because the Sporting is just a Dynamic MultiJet with a few extra bits bolted on.
Dunno but it led to me being stopped by the Police who thought I was on false plates. Even when the logbook was amended there were still stupid errors eg engine number was actually the cc's of the engine.
Sporting Woes Continue

FRIDAY- Call from Fiat customer services, to inform me my Panda Sporting is a Dynamic.?????.Not getting my head around this.

SATURDAY-Call from dealer to say Panda Marketing Manager is now involved and all V5's will need to be changed to show whether you have a Dynamic or Sporting. Also heard from friend who works in auto trade Fiat did something like this a few years back with a tarted up Stilo Dynamic which they called a Stilo Sporting, and the same probs arose for owners

MONDAY (STILL TO COME) Gonna contact Fiat Service Centre, and tell Amanda just what i think of her customer service.But

Re: Sporting Woes Continue

This sounds like a bit of a mess, with Fiat UK making their own special editions (see my previous posts for the Panda Sporting recipe).
However, how cool would it be to have a job title like "Panda Marketing Manager"? :D
Panda Sporting V5 Change

After spending a full day on the phone between Dealer and Fiat u.k. it looks as though i've got to the bottom of the problem.
The cars entered the U.K. as Dynamic Multijiets but were then upgraded to the Sporting by Fiat U.K.(with me so Far).:confused:
At this point the cars should have had an entry put onto the V5 to show it was differant from the Dynamic. (it was not done).:(
So if you have a Sporting please ensure that it is insured as a Sporting and not a Dynamic as this is wrong in the eyes of the insurers:bang: .
I have been informed that a letter is going to be sent by the Fiat Marketing manager to the DVLA with regards to this problem, and owners will be required to take their V5 back to dealer for changing.:bang: Now wishing I had not parted with my Mazda 2 1.4TDCI

Re: Panda Sporting V5 Change

I believe this has been mentioned on the forum before about this confusion, but cant find the thread :eek:
Re: Panda Sporting V5 Change

Nothing wrong with the car, its just you cant V5 two cars the same when their spec and value are totaly differant.
If you have a Sporting and it states its a Dynamic on V5 Try getting an insurer to insure it as a Sporting. (very hard I assure you).

Re: Panda Sporting V5 Change

At least there is some sort of defining answer now to this confusion.

Im sure many panda owners will be grateful for this information :)
Re: Panda Sporting V5 Change

Highlander said:
If you have a Sporting and it states its a Dynamic on V5 Try getting an insurer to insure it as a Sporting. (very hard I assure you).
I did with no difficulties whatsoever. :confused:
If they enter the UK as Dynamic's, does that mean they then replace the seats after they get here to the ones from the 4x4?

I doubt it...