Technical Scudo 2007 1.6 - judder when clutch depressed

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Technical Scudo 2007 1.6 - judder when clutch depressed


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May 9, 2023
Leamington Spa
Hi all,
I’m noticing my van is juddering forward in the mornings. I apply power, depress the clutch and it feels as if the clutch is juddering or bouncing. This only happens in the mornings when the van has been cold overnight.
I had all the engine mounts replaced which fixed a lot of vibration I didn’t realise I had, so it’s not them. Engine starts no problem and runs great, it’s just this issue.
Any thoughts people? I’ve been told it ‘could’ be a clutch fork. Anyway, over to you…
Regrettably it sounds like an internal clutch issue. I bought a Panda that was doing this. The dealer said after the test drive, "what do you think of it, its great isnt it", to which I said no its kinawful. I said sort the clutch out and if it drives properly Ill buy it. They disapepared into the workshop and came back 2 hours later with it fixed. I dont think they could have changed the clutch in that time so some black magic was done. I'd try giving it a spray with brake and clutch cleaner into the bell housing with the engine running and see if that improves things. Its a bit philistine, well a lot really, but if its dust dirt grease or oil, it might change things and then you would have a steer on whether to consider more expensive work.
Any lack of adjustment or sticking will cause this or make it worse. On our panda bleeding the hydraulic clutch made a big difference. You are right that it could be something to do with the release fork.
Is it possible oil on clutch causing it to grab , more noticeable on a hill start?
If so "slipping the" the clutch for a short while under load , though not recommended may ease the problem thereby giving you a guide as to solution, as in sorting oil leak and new clutch assembly unfortunately:(.
Another indicater would be gear oil leak under bell housing.