Technical Clutch wont engage when pedal pushed

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Technical Clutch wont engage when pedal pushed


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Feb 12, 2024
North Wales
Happened a couple of days ago, although the issue seems to have slowly getting worse. I had to keep pressing the pedal all the way down to the floor until im pressing like a bugger to get it to engage the gears. Its not slipping or anything it just wont engage anymore. Pedal spring feels fine, ive opened up various reservoirs and they seem to be fully engaged. Does anyone have any suggestion? Any things to check, it didnt sound like the clutch was slipping so hoping to avoid a big job. Thanks
Fiat Scudo 1.6 90 mjet Diesel
If this is a hydraulic clutch, it sounds like an internal master cylinder failure. It may be possible to get a repair kit or a new one sounds like the solution. Usually there would be a leak and an obvious drop in fluid level. Its also possible that the release arm has failed which would mean gearbox removal. A hydraulic issue is more likely. Cable operated clutched can get difficult if the cable had gradually let go. As hte cables fail the remaining strands stretch until one day kt breaks. This would usually be accompanied by a stiff and stodgy feeling pedal. If you can do the cables or hydraulics youself its not usually too expensive in parts. Best of luck with it.
Ok thank you, im still checking out the oil levels to see if any have dropped significantly, this seems the most likely issue, ill keep this updated
Is the clutch fluid stored in the same reservoir as the brake fluid, or does it have its own reservoir? on this one the brake is far left i think