Technical Fan starting up when cold

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Technical Fan starting up when cold

£208 a litre but this still doesn’t solve me problem with turbo and fan, can anyone point at the valve relating to P1446?
I used the global clear codes on modus and turbo is now ok?? 🤷‍♂️And the fan has gone off?
Drove less than half a mile MIL back on fan and limp drive this is the only code when i do global read codes


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Maybe it puts the fan on to stop people ignoring the dpf problems....
If that's the case it would be genius in my opinion
You can't just mess around with the filter .
The eloys fluid must be replenished , system primed and regeneration attempted.
It may be compulsory to replace the engine oil and filter following regeneration.

There are no shortcuts to the above.

Where are you located?
Where is this filter please?
After exhaust manifold , looks something like this, your exact model may be different. As jackwhoo says there is a path to doing this, I know you have renewed the fluid, but you may need more specific information for your model. It should be available to download from the internet.:)
Wigan - My snap on has that facility but for some reason on clicking engine management says
"ecu variant not found in scantool database" whats that mean apart from the obvious?
Sorry I think it means that it doesn't have the software required to connect to the vehicle ecu and carry out the eloys fluid reset/prime
And or the regeneration of dpf after step 1
Sorry I think it means that it doesn't have the software required to connect to the vehicle ecu and carry out the eloys fluid reset/prime
And or the regeneration of dpf after step 1
On the earlier photo of the Scan tool it said network unavailable, maybe it was just to far away from it's base internet connection.
General information is fairly easy to find on the internet, especially how to do videos for Snap On tools.
The 2012 Citroen C3 I did, including telling the ECU the DPF had been replaced and the Eloys fluid etc was done by me using a Snap On Zeus model without too much hassle and I am nearly 70, so not that switched on for modern diagnostics;)
So if i connect to wifi it may proceed?
May be worth a try, although if the Snap On tool has all it's updates, I would have thought it should have worked. Is the service you need in a different area on the Tool, there are often several sections outside of the code reading part, but it could be your model isn't covered. I only use my mates tool so my knowledge is minimal on them.
Just a thought and it may sound daft, but as they are badge engineered Peugeot Experts maybe there is more data in that section, only a guess;)
I got network connection but still cant get to the generation screen, van has over quarter tank is there any other prerequisites?
Hi ,

We don't know why the snap on modis won't show you the dpf regeneration option. Maybe the modis software isn't up to date- snap on require payment to update software. Maybe modis doesn't support dpf regeneration .
Search online Google snap on modis ultra tutorials/ how to use / how to regenerate dpf. How to update software.

Or ring round locally for a garage that can do regeneration for you-it should take about an hour if everything goes smoothly.

Make sure to change engine oil and filter after regeneration.

Good luck
This is the screen and asked to question to snapon im running 16.4 so im not up to date but cars i deal with only need up to 2016

I think the best option for you is to keep talking to snap on and ask them to walk you through the dpf regeneration for your vehicle.

Best wishes
Seem to know procedure jackwhoo what are full prerequisites to get to that screen, my garage pal sent this

“You need to put the van Ito a mode have at least quarter of a tank of fuel and at operating temperature, if it picks up any faults it won’t let you do it but I can usually get round it by changing some data”