Technical Rear brakes.

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Technical Rear brakes.

Aug 7, 2005
i know u are all thinking there is loads of stuff on rear brake but i have a big problem with mine. :mad:

ive just fitted new shoes, wheel cylinder, handbrake cable, the handbrake thingy where the pin goes in and have changed the pins. so all new.
I have fitted it today. all went well.

I drove it up the road and back but when i pressed the brake pedal my rear end just locked up. The handbrake was down. (n)

Does anyone know why it would lock up. :confused:
cheekycento21 said:
wheel cylinder
Do you mean brake cylinder or brake drum? When you bled the brakes and pumped the pedal afterward, did it feel right? The last thing to check after fitting brake components is with the wheel jacked, check the wheel turns freely, then brake and ensure it locks and then turns freely again when the pedal is released. If the back end locked and freed up immediately for you when you drove it, I would turn my attention to your front brakes and suggest they are simply much weaker than the rears and need the same attention.

Good luck
New brake components are going to be pretty efficient first off, so as long as they released when you went to drive off, check the fronts.


im going to check them now. thanks guys.

I know my o/s has a little grinding noise, i was b*tch to turn when i first did the rear shoes and wheel cylinders. but then it freed off and turn o.k but there is a grinding noise.